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51 - 75 vocab

kindle To build or start a fire,to arose of exciting a feeling
knoll A small rounded hill
luminous Giving of light
malleable Capable of being shaped or fromed by forceful action
materialize to appear out of nowhere
meander to follow a winding or turning course
meticulous showing of great concern for details
misgiving feelings of doubt or concern
momentum quantity used to measure body motion
monotonous dull because of always being the same
multitude a very large number
muster assemble,bring forth a feeling or ability from within oneself
narrate to tell a story or describe a series of events
obscure difficult to understand
ominous being a sign of trouble ,danger or disaster threat
outlandish unconventional, strange
persisent refusing to give up
pertinent related to the matter at hand, relavent
potential ability to grow develop or improve
precipice a very steep or over hanging mass of rock , such as the face of a cliff
pristine remaining in a pure or unspoiled state
quell to calm or settle to cause feelings to be less intense
recluse a person who lives alone or has little to do with other people
replenish to build up a supply of something again , fill again
recuperate to return to normal health or strength, recover
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