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how mairs of chromosomes do humans have 23 pairs
which pair determines the sex of a human 23rd
two sex chromosomes determine if a human is a male XY
two sex chromosomes determine if a human is female XX
sex linked gene genes found on the X chromosome
examples of traits controlled by sex linked genes hemophilia, colorblindness, muscular dystrophy
carrier a female that does not have the condition but will pass it on to her offspring
genetic disorder an inherited medical disorder caused by DNA abnormality
what is the importance of a pedigree chart it traces the inheritance of a trait back many years
circles in pedigree charts represent girls
squares in pedigree charts represent boys
a half colored-in circle represents a carrier
a colored-in square or circle indicates that that human has the disorder
karyotype a picture of chromosomes
three methods people use to develop organisms with desired traits cloning, selective breeding, genetic engineering
genome all the DNA in one cell of an organism
selective breeding the process of selecting a few organisms with desired traits to serve as parents
inbreeding a breeding method where two people with identical sets of alleles are crossed
hybridization crossing two genetically different individuals with the purpose of having the best traits in the offspring
genetic engineering genes from one organism are transfered into in the DNA
cloning replicating a fragment of DNA placed in an organism
human genome project identifying the pattern of every gene in a human
DNA fingerprinting DNA is broken down into smaller fragemnts, then joined together to form a fingerprint
example of selective breeding best corn seeds kept and planted in the spting for better harvest
example of inbreeding two plump male and female turkeys that grow quickly
example of genetic engineering in bacteria bacterial cells recieves human gene
example of hyrbidization McIntosh Apple x Red Delicious Apple = Empire Apple
example of genetic engineering in other organisms human genes put into cows to produce milk with human protein
example of cloning cut piece from African Violet plant---> dirt + water = new plant
example o DNA fingerprinting crimminals are caught by detectives finding DNA fingerprints
mutation any change in a persons DNA
what is the purpose of antobiotics to kill bacteria
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