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Fishing Unit 5

From Sun to Sunfish

What are basic survival needs? things that all living things need to survive and reproduce
what is Population? A group of one kind of organisms living in the same place at the same time
What is an example of a population? A group of bluegill living a pond
what is Community? A group of populations living in the same place
What is an example of a community? Population of bluegill and bass in a pond
what is a Habitat? The physical environment that a species needs to survive
Why do species need a habitat? -Protect itself from predators. -Reproduce. -Gather food. -And Hunting
what is an example of a habitat? trout need Cold Water water with High dissolved oxygen content in order to survive.
who were trout brought to Missouri? How are they holding up today? Trout were brought to Missouri by Fisherman and are not well adapted to conditions here.
Many aquatic plants and animals have very specific _______. Needs
what happens if 2 animals/fish wanted the same habitat? they may compete for it
Within a community every species has a particular _______. niche
What does a species’ niche include? It's way of getting food the habitat it needs, and the role it performs in the community
can 2 species occupy the same niche for long? no
Why don't organisms have the capacity to produce populations of infinite size? because resource are limited
What happens when there is not enough of something to go around? Species will fight for whatever resource is scarce
what do the limits on biotic living and abiotic nonliving resources determine? the environment’s carrying capacity.
what is an example of predator and prey? Bluegill compete with one another for food they also compete with green sunfish, since both species feed on the same prey.
What is carrying capacity? The maximum number of individuals in a particular population that an environment can support
What does it mean when it is below its carrying capacity? There are more resources than a particular population use. Individuals can grow and reproduce
What does it mean when it is above its carrying capacity? When there are more individuals in a population than the environment can support
what will happen when an environment exceeds its carrying capacity? individuals may starve, get sick, or be forced to move to a place that can support them.
what is a sign that an environment has exceeded its carrying capacity? If a population doesn’t have enough food or habitat to sustain itself
what do aquatic communities rely on? sunlight
what are plants? Why? producers because they produce their own food
what are primary consumers? Animals that eat plants or they are called herbivores
What is an example of a primary consumer? Muskrat, pond snail
what are 2ndary consumers? eat primary consumers and can be carnivores or omnivores
what are carnivores? they kill and eat other animals
what are omnivores? they eat both plants and animals
what are decomposers? bacteria and fungi feed on non-living organic matter, in the process breaking it down into simple molecules that plants can use
What is a food chain? Shows how energy moves from producers to primary consumers and on so…
What is a food web? Shows how different food chains are interconnected
Taking out any _____ in a food web may upset the balance of the whole. link
what is an energy pyramid? another way to look at feeding relationships. Consumer levels are shown as trophic levels. Animals lose energy doing tasks such as hunting and keeping their bodies warm.
An environment can support only a certain amount of life at each step of the energy pyramid. Why? The higher up the energy pyramid an animal feeds, the fewer of this kind of animals the environment can support
what are predator and prey? What do they do for eachother Predator and Prey are are competing against one another for survival; the predator is seeking food and the prey is trying to keep from being eaten.
what do Predator/Prey relationships do for the community? balance numbers within a group
How do predator/prey relationships work? Predators keep populations of prey below their carring capacity. At the same time the amount of prey available can limit the number of predators that can live there
what is the driving force of natural selection Competition between members of a species
what is natural selection? it ensures that only the best-adapted species Survive and reproduce.
what is the biggest threat to aquatic communities? Human-caused habitat destruction, or invasive species
what is invasive species? a species that has been brought (usually by human action) to a place where it did not live naturally
Why are invasive species bad? They may compete with native species for habitat for food. This competition could make it harder for the native species to survive
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