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D - Science


What are the 2 main factors that scientists use to classify climates? precipitation and temperature
What are the 4 main factors that affect temperature? latitude, altitude, distance from large bodies of water & ocean currents
What are the 3 main factors that affect precipitation? prevailing winds, the presence of mountains and seasonal winds
What are the 3 latitude temperature zones? tropical zone, polar zone & temperate zone
What are the 6 main climate regions? tropical rainy, dry, temperate marine, temperate continental, polar & highlands
What are the 2 kinds of rainy climates in the tropics? tropical wet & tropical wet-and-dry
What are 2 kinds of dry climates? arid & semiarid
What are the 3 kinds of temperate marine climates? marine west coast, humid subtropical & mediterranean
What are 2 kinds of temperate continental climates? humid continental & subarctic
What are 2 kinds of polar climates? ice cap and tundra
What absorbs/releases heat fast? land
What absorbs/releases heat slow? water
How does a large body of water affect the temperature of the area? Oceans moderate the temperatures of nearby land because water heats up and cools down more slowly, so the winds off of the ocean prevent extremes of hot & cold in coastal regions.
Which temperature zone does the sun hit the area most directly? tropical zone
Which temperature zone does the sun hit the area the least directly? polar zone
How do mountain ranges affect precipitation? Humid winds blow from the ocean, are forced to rise up the windward side, where it cools, water vapor condenses, clouds form & rain or snow fall. The air moves over the mountain to the leeward side, loses water vapor, and little precipitation falls.
Define tropical rainy climates. temperature is always 18 degrees C or above; always hot; tropical wet has heavy rainfall all year & tropical wet-and-dry has alternating wet & dry seasons
Define dry climates. occurs wherever potential evaporation is greater than precipitation; may be hot or cold; semiarid is dry with 25-50 cm of rain per year; arid is desert with less than 25 cm per year
Define temperate marine climates. in the warmest month temperatures average 10 degrees C or above; in the coldest month temperatures are between -3 degrees C and 18 degrees C
Define temperate continental climates. in the warmest month temperatures average 10 degrees C or above; in the coldest month temperatures are -3 degrees C or below
Define polar climates. in the warmest month temperatures average below 10 degrees C
Define highland climates. generally cooler and wetter than nearby lowlands; temperatures decrease with altitude
Which climates is are influenced by ocean currents? marine climates
What does the amount of water in prevailing winds depend upon? where the winds come from
Created by: lprinke