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Chapter 10

The UK, Ireland and Scandinavia

The United Kingdom includes which countries? Wales, England, Scotland and Northern Ireland
What is the climate like in the UK? Mild climate with a great deal of rain and fog
What is the UK's leading natural resource? Oil
What is the heaviest populated city in the UK, which is also the capital? London
What kind of government does the UK have? Parliament democracy: Voters elect representatives to a lawmaking body called Parliamentary
What Ireland best known for? Its landscape
Does Ireland have a smaller or larger population that the UK? Much smaller
What kind of climate does Ireland have? A mild climate
What is Irelands economy based on? Agriculture and industry
What percent of the population lives in Dublin, the capital of Ireland? one third, 1/3
Scandinavia is a large region in Northern Europe that includes which countries? Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark and Iceland
What is the capital of Norway? Oslo
What landform features does Norway have? A jagged coastline and many mountainous areas
What group first settled in Norway a very long time ago? The Vikings
What are Norway's leading natural resources? Oil and natural gas
What are fjords? Steep-sided valleys
What landform features does Sweden have? Mountainous areas, as well as fertile lowlands
What is Sweden's capital, which is also its largest city? Stockholm
Which country is comprised of the Jutland Peninsula? Denmark
What is Denmark's strong economy based on? Agriculture
What landform features does Iceland have? Most of the country is a rugged plateau; is an island; has glaciers
What is Iceland's economy based on? fishing
What are Geysers? Springs that spout hot water and steam
Where does Finland's wealth come from? Its huge forests
Which nation ruled Finland until 1917? Russia
What is the capital of Finland? Helsinki
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