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continued part 2

Medicaid Federally supported , state administered program for low-income families and individuals benefit from state to state. Medicaid payments are made after other insurance or third party payments have been made.
Case Management Mobilize, monitor, and control resources that a patient uses during a course of an illness while balancing quality and cost
Quality Assurance improvement A management process of monitoing, evaluating, continuous review and improving the quality in providing health
Quality Assurance A process for evaluating the care of patients using established standards of quality of care to ensure quality
Quality: Structures Inputs into care such as resources, equitment or numbers nad qualifications of staff
Quality: Processes of Care Include assessments, planning, performing treatments and managing complications
Quality: Outcomes Include complications , adverse effects, short term results of treatment and long term results of patient health and functioning
Critical Path Contains key patient care activities and time frames for those activities which are needed for specific case type or diagnosis-related group
Care Map Blue print for planning and managing care delivered by all disciplines, day-today goals, final desired outcomes, monitoring the outcome
Root Cause Analysis A tool for identifying prevention strategies to ensure safety, a process thath is part of the effort to build a culture of safety and move beyond the culture of blame
Sentinel Events Unexpected occurance involving death or serious psychological injury, medical error
Scope of Practice Provides guidlines for nursing practice for each state, integration of care, research based clinical practice, clinical practice, leadership, assessment and treatment
Standards of Advanced Practice ANA to measure quality of practice, service or education
State Practice Acts Authority for license of registered nurses., title, authorization for scope of practice including precriptive authority and disciplinary grounds
Prescriptive Authority Np ability to prescribe medications to patines based on the states practice act. , DEA will have registration numbers
Credentials Encompasses required education , licensure, and certification to practice is dependent on state nurse practice act, scope of practice, standard of practice
Licensure Establishes that a person is qualified to perform in a particular professional role, standards for practice
Certification Establishes that a person has met certain standards in a praticular profession signify mastery of knowledge and skills. Certification performed by testing through ANCC, AANP, AANP
Risk Management A systemic effort to reduce risk with a formal, written risk management plan that includes goals, methods, implementation and enforcement, demonstrating commitement by the board, sensitive information
Medical Futillity Refers to interventions that are unlikely to produce any significant benefit for the patient
Quantitative Futility The likely hood that an intervention will benefit that patient is extremely poor
Qualitative Futility Where the quality of benefit an intervention will produce is extremely poor
Danforth Amendment 1991 Right to Refuse, pts must be advised at admission about refusal of care
Ethics The study of moral conduct and behavior which serves to govern conduct, thereby protecting the rights of an individual
Nonmaleficence the duty to do no harm
Utilitarianism the right act is the one that produces the greatest good for the greatest number
Beneficence The duty to prevent harm and promote good
Justice The duty to be fair
Fidelity the duty to be faithful
Veracity the duty to be truthful
Autonomy the duty to respect an individual throughts and actions
Steps to Research Process Problem, literature, hypothesis, research design, population to be studied, data collection, design study, conducting the study, analyzing, interpreting and communication
Descriptive Research Aims to describe situation, experiences and phenomena as they exist
Ex post facto or correlational research Examines relationships among variables
Confidence interval A interval , with limits at wither end , with a specifiied probability of including the parameter being established
Standard Deviation Indicates the average amount of deviation of values from the mean
Assault An intentional act by one person that creates an apprehension in another of an imminent harmful or offensive contact , threat of bodily harm
Battery An illegal , willful, angry, violent or negligent striking of a person, his clothing or anything with which he is in contact
Defamation A communication that causes someone to suffer a damaged reputation EX: libel, Slander
Libel Defaming, distributed written material
Slander Spoken defamation (spoken other than the defamed party)
involuntary coommitment Duty to commit someone who is in danger of hurting himself or others as a result of medical illness.
good samaritan status protect health care providers from law suits who aid at the scene of an accident and render reasonable, emergency care, with NP scope of practice
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