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SC Landforms

What is a landform? a shape or part of Earth's surface
What is a lake? a large, enclosed body of water(land all around it)
What is a river? running water in a path that has cut the land
What is a plateau? high, flat land
What is a mountain? high, steep-sided land
What is a valley? land that is much lower than the land around it
What is a plain? open, flat land, lower than a plateau
What is an ocean? large body of salt water
How many river systems does South Carolina have? 4
How many rivers are there in our state? 11
What is the imaginary line that is between states? border
What are physical features? Landforms and bodies of water that are not man-made.
What are human features? Landforms and bodies of water that are man-made.
What town is the school a part of? Summerville
What county is our school in? Berkeley
What state do you live in? South Carolina
What country do you live in? United States of America (U.S.A)
What continent do you live on? North America
What is an urban community? A city where a large number of people live.
What is a suburban community? A community that is located near a big city.People who live in this community work in their community or a nearby city.
What is a rural community? A place in the countryside where towns are small and farther apart. You may find farm raising livestock or growing crops.
What community is Cottageville an example of? rural community
What community is Summerville and Goose Creek and example of? suburban community
What community is Charleston and Columbia and example of? urban community
What feature are mountains, oceans, and islands examples of? physical(not man-made) feature
What feature are cities, dams, roads, and buildings examples of? human(man-made) features
Created by: robertsstacey