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Reported Speech - Introuctory Verbs - from Grammar Way 4

Direct SpeechIndirect Speech
"Yes, I'll lend you the money" - AGREE He agreed to lend me the money
"I saw the robbers" - CLAIM He claimed to have seen the robbers He claimed that he had seen the robbers
"Would you like me to help you" - OFFER He offered to help me
"Give me the money" - DEMAND He demanded to be given the money
"I will return the book to you soon" - PROMISE He promised to return the book to me soon He promised that he would return the books to me soon
"No, I won't call her" - REFUSE He refused to call her
"Stop shouting or I will punish you" - THREATEN He threatened to punish me if I didn't stop shouting He threatened that he would punish me if I didn't stop shouting
"You should eat more fruit" - ADVISE He advised me to eat more fruit
"You can go to the party" - ALLOW He allowed me to go to the party
"Could you do me a favour?" - ASK He asked me to do him a favour
"Please, please, don't hurt me." - BEG He begged me not to hurt him
"Put your hands up" - COMMAND He commanded me to put their hands up
"You mustn't stay out late" - FORBID He forbade me to stay out late
"Will you come to my wedding?" - INVITE He invited me to (go to) his wedding
"Go to your room!" - ORDER He ordered me to go to my room
"Don't forget to buy me milk" - REMIND He reminded me to buy some milk He reminded me that I bought some milk
"Don't touch the iron" - WARN He warned me not to touch the iron
"You committed the crime" - ACCUSE He accused her of committing the crime He accused her of having committed a crime
"Yes, I gave away your secret" - ADMIT He admitted (to) giving away my secret He admitted (to) having given away my secret He admitted that he had given away my secret
"I'm sorry I'm late" - APOLOGISE He apologised for being late
"I'm the best student in my class" - BOAST He boasted about being the best student in his class He boasted of being the best student in his class He boasted that he was the best student in his class
"I have noisy neighbours" - COMPLAIN He complained of having noisy neighbours He complained that he had noisy neighbours
"No, I didn't use your computer" - DENY H e denied using my computer He denied having used my computer He denied that he had used my computer
"You must finish by Friday" - INSIST He insisted on me finishing by Friday He insisted on my finishing by Friday He insisted that I (should) finish by Friday
"Let's go out to dinner" - SUGGEST He suggested going out to dinner He suggested that we (should) go out to dinner
"That's how it works" - EXPLAIN HOW He explained to us HOW it worked
She said "I don't like him because he is rude" - EXPLAIN THAT She explained that she didn't like him because he was rude
"The rules ill come out tomorrow" - INFROM He informed that the rules would come out the next day
"What a glorious day!" - EXCLAIM / REMARK He exclaimed that it was a glorious day He remarked that it was a glorious day
Created by: sebaavila