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Stack #27652

Mr. Olson 5th Grade Science Chapter 4A

What structure is the male part of the flower? stamen
After fertilization an ovary enlarges and develops into a what? fruit
Which structure is the female part of the flower? pistil
What part of the flower produces the female sex cells? ovule
Which part holds the pollen grains? male sex cells
Which part of the flower is where pollen grains land and stick? stigma
When it is time to reproduce, salmon return to the ________? freshwater stream
The sprouting of a plant is called ______? germination
Beetles and butterflies go through four stages which make up ______? complete metamorphosis
A young tree is called a what? sapling
What is the tiny new plant that forms from the fertilized egg called? embryo
When a male sex cell joins with a female sex cell to produce a fertilized cell it is called _______. sexual reproduction
The stage of a human life cycle which last from about age 1 to about 12 is called what? childhood
After fertilization an ovary enlarges and develops into a what? fruit
Human life cycle stages from birth to death.
Infancy birth to age 1, completely dependent on parent.Traits inherited from parents.
childhood ages 1-12, ability to walk and talk, growth fairly steady, learns many skills such as to speak,learn, and learns a lot from environment.
Adolescence: ages 11-20, growing into adulthood
Adulthood ages 20-till death, greatest strength and endurance, responsible???
Male life expectancy 72.2 years
Female life expectancy 78.8 years
Insect life cycle-complete metamorphosis egg, larva, pupa, adult
egg 1st stage, eggs are laid by adults
larva(grub) wormlike stage, eats decaying wood or other rotting materials in the soil.
pupa looks like its at rest, develops a hard outer case, adult organs form
adult: final stage, fully grown
Vertebrate animal with a backbone, constant body temp.
cold blooded body temp changes with environment.
Sexual reproduction a male sex cell joins with a female sex cell to produce a fertilized egg.
Pollen grains(plant) contains male sex cell
Pollination transfer of pollen grains
embryo a fertilized egg, a tiny new plant the seed enlarges to form fruit
stamen male part of flower
pistil female part of flower
Stage 1 of plant reproduction pollen lands on pistil
Stage 2 of plant reproduction pollen tube grows down into ovary and fertilization take place
Stage 3 of plant reproduction fruit begins to grow
Stage 4 of plant reproduction seeds form in the fruit
Stage 5 of plant reproduction fruit ripens, splits open releasing new seeds
asexual reproduction growing plants without using seeds
Deciduous trees lose their leaves
Conifers evergreen stay green all year
Created by: mr.olson