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Unit 10-12


Decomposer organism that breaks down dead or decaying organisms
engineering parts of science concerned with the physical and mathematical basis or engineering and machine technology
allele one or more alternatives forms of a gene that arise by mutation. found at the same place
ergonomic study of people's efficiency in their working enviroment
enzyme substance produced by a living organism that acts
nonpoint source pollution caused by rainfall or snow melt moving over and through the ground
embryology branched of biology and medicine concerned with the study of embroys and there development
carbon chemistry chemistry of carbon compounds
biochemical conversion conversion of organic materiels
scale system or series of marks used for measuring
biomass conversion renewable or organic materiel's
theory of evolution process in which organisms change over time
incinerating removes hazardous sludge
hazardous waste destructive to the environment and dangerous to the health of people
biological diversity variety of different organisms in the world
consumer herbivores
point source pollution indefinable source of air ETC
nova sudden appearance of brightness
science study of structure and behavior of structure and behavior
mitosis type of cell division that results in two daughter cells
risk management practice of potential risks
waste stream stream of gas, liquid or solid
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