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D - Science - Unit 7

Weather Practice Test - Part 1

The process of liquid water changing to gas is called _______. evaporation
Which of the following is NOT a type of condensation? fog, cloud, snow or dew snow
High clouds made of ice crystals are called _______. cirrus clouds
Strong updrafts within a thunderhead can produce _______. hail
A maritime tropical air mass contains _______. warm, wet air
A front that forms when a warm air mass is trapped between cold air masses and forced to rise is called an _______. occluded front
A severe storm that forms as a rapidly rotating funnel cloud is called a _______. tornado
The lines on a weather map connecting points of equal atmospheric pressure are called _______. isobars
To measure air pressure most accurately, you should use a _______. mercury barometer
Isobars indicate _______. pressure
Which of the following is NOT used to collect weather-related data from the upper atmosphere? weather balloon, Doppler radar, psychrometer or orbital satellite psychrometer
Large thunderhead clouds that produce precipitation and unstable atmospheric conditions lead to the formation of lightning and thunder from these towering _______ clouds. cumulonimbus
Air's ability to hold water vapor increases as _______ increases. temperature
Which of the following causes the most damage during a hurricane? water spouts, high winds, lightning or storm surges storm surges
Lightning is seen before thunder is heard because _______. light travels faster than sound
What does condensation form? clouds
_______ occurs when rain, snow, sleet, or hail falls from the clouds onto the Earth's surface. precipitation
_______ occurs when water vapor cools and changes back into liquid droplets. condensation
_______ occurs when liquid water changes into water vapor. evaporation
_______ is the amount of water vapor or moisture in the air. humidity
_______ is the amount of moisture the air contains compared with the maximum amount it can hold at a particular temperature. relative humidity
Suppose that 1 m3 of air at a certain temperature can hold 30 g of water vapor. However, you know that the air actually contains 15 g of water vapor. What is the relative humidity? 50 percent
Which device measures relative humidity? anemometer, barometer, psychrometer or thermometer psychrometer
Suppose that I m3 of air at a certain temperature can hold 20 g of water vapor. However, you know that the air actually contains 5 g of water vapor. What is the relative humidity? 25 percent
Before condensation can occur, what must the relative humidity be? 100 percent
A _______ air mass forms over the North Pacific Ocean and affects the Pacific Coast. maritime polar (mP)
Created by: lprinke