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Crossword Puzzle Clu

Clues and Answers

A South Asian country that's especially vulnerable to flooding. Bangladesh
An unusual vehicle that looks like a houseboat on a sled and can travel over ice. Windsled
Heavy rainstorm in South Asia that occurs from June through October. Monsoon
Primates that are forced to share the same habitat with humans in Cape Town. Baboons
A nonlethal method of scaring animals away, using things like noisemakers and paintballs. Hazing
An app-based transportation service. Uber
The temperature at which a solid melts (two words) Melting Point
To become used to something. Habituate
Mountains at the boundary between the Indian and the Eurasian plates. Himalayas
Molecules of hydrogen and carbon. Hydrocarbons
A branching diagram showing the relationship between a number of species. Cladogram
Short for automatic pilot. Autopilot
re where the mouth of a river splits into many small branches before flowing into the ocean. Delta
A radar-like system that uses a laser to measure distance. Lidar
Created by: chenaultjo