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Monkey Trouble

Baboons in South Africa

Humans belong to the same __________________of animals as apes. Order
A(n) _______________________is a diagram that shows the family relationships between organisms. Cladogram
Humans and baboons are each a type of ________________________ Primate
Human-wildlife _____________________often develop when urban areas expand into wild territory. Conflicts
Wild animals that live in developed areas can become ______________________ to the presence of humans. Habituated
In 2010, scientists counted 11 different _____________________ of baboons living on the outskirts of Cape Town. Troops
Scientists discovered that baboons that live in proximity to humans are _____________________ likely to develop diseases. More
Officials sometimes _________________________ baboons to decrease the population size. Cull
In Cape Town, officials have tried to scare some baboons away from humans with a nonlethal technique called ______________________________. Hazing
The size of Cape Town's population has ____________________________ in recent years. Increased
Created by: chenaultjo