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If a person cannot swallow well, what diet would they be given? Mechanical soft diet
In what order do you take off PPE? gloves, gown, goggles, mask
If you have a confused patient, how should you place their bed? Lowest position with side rails down
A tattoo is permanent because it extends into the ___? Dermal layer
Another name for the system that cleans blood and gets rid of waste? Excretory System
Diabetes is the result of ___? Insulin not taking glucose into the cells
If you are wearing a TED hose, what would be encouraging signs for the nurse? pink, warm toes
When alveoli are overstretched and exhaling becomes hard, what disease is forming? Emphysema
Insulin from an insulin pump is being releases where? Subq
Which gland is considered the master gland? Pituitary
Tommy is having issues with his diabetes. Who should you refer him to? Endocrinologist
Bertha had a hip surgery, what facility should she be placed in? Acute care
What structure spasms when having an asthma attack? bronchioles
Where would break outs occur on a comatose patient? Calcaneus
What type of questions should you ask the patient to get the most information? Open end questions
What is the first day of your menstrual cycle called? Menses
What part of your ear sends messages for hearing? Cochlea
What type of tube equalizes pressure in the ear? Eustachian tube
A BMI of 28 on an adult is considered ___? Overweight
What type of neuroglia are found in the PNS? Schwann cells
In order for doctor's offices and hospitals to be reimbursed for their services they must send a code to the insurance company. What is this code they send? CPT
What happens if a patient has a positive Babinski sign? toes fan
The correct phone etiquette would be ___? name of business, your name, title
Which term best describes chest pain associated with a myocardial infarction? angina pectoris
Where would you find the appendix? RUQ
A headache would be termed as? Cephalgia
If an envelope was delivered to your office containing a white powder, what would you do with it? Decontaminate
The agency that ensures all health organizations are following proper procedures is called ___? The Joint Commission
A chemical was splashed into your eye, what would you look for? Material Safety Data Sheet
What violation would result in giving your computer pass to a coworker? HIPAA violation
Mr. Monroe had a stroke and is unable to swallow. Who should be consulted? Dietitian
Created by: smadm249