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Chapter 41

Rehabilitation and Restorative Nursing Care

Disease, ______________, and surgery can affect body function. Injury
Birth injuries and birth _____________ can affect body function. Defects
Losses of function can be temporary or _________________. Permanent
What is any lost, absent, or impaired physical or mental function? Disability
The degree of disability affects how much _____________ is possible. Function
What is the process of restoring the person to his or her highest possible level of physical, psychological, social, and economic function? Rehabilitation
The goal of rehabilitation is to prevent further ___________ of function. Loss
Preventing further loss of function helps the person maintain the best possible _____________ of life. Quality
What type of nursing care helps persons regain health, strength, and independence? Restorative
_______________ nursing may involve measure that promote elimination. Restorative
Many person need restorative nursing and rehabilitation, both measures focus on the ___________ person. Whole
A restorative aide is a _______________ ________________ with special training in restorative nursing and rehabilitation skills. Nursing assistant
A health problem and a _______________ has physical, psychological, and social effects. Disability
The person needs to ______________ physically, psychologically, socially, and economically. Adjust
What is stressed during rehabilitation? Abilities
Rehabilitation takes _____________ in older person than in other age-groups. Longer
__________________ starts when the person first seeks health care. Rehabilitation
Bowel and bladder problems are __________________. Prevented
Measures are taken to prevent contractures and ___________ __________. Pressure ulcers
Good ______________, turning and re-positioning, range-of-motion exercises, and supportive devices may be needed. Alignment
Some persons may need bladder __________________. Training
When meeting elimination needs you should follow the ___________ and the care plan. Nurse
What is a major goal of rehabilitation? Self-care
Activities of daily living (ADL) are the activities usually done during a normal __________ in a person's life. Day
Sometimes the hands, wrists, and arms are affected, therefore the need for _________-_________ devices is considered. Self-help
What is an artificial replacement for a missing body part? Prosthesis
The goal of a prosthesis is to be like the missing body part in _____________ and appearance. Function
What is the total or partial loss of the ability to use or understand language called? Aphasia
Aphasia may occur from a ________________. Stroke
A person with aphasia does not have normal _____________. Speech
When a person has aphasia, ______________ therapy and communication devices are helpful. Speech
Some person with disabilities may feel unwhole, __________, unattractive, unclean, or undesirable. Useless
During rehabilitation it is important to remind the person of their ________________. Progress
The ___________________ team meets often to discuss the person's progress. Rehabilitation
When assisting with rehabilitation and restorative care you must follow the person's ____________ ____________. Care plan
When assisting with rehabilitation and restorative care you must protect the person's _______________. Rights
When assisting with rehabilitation and restorative care you must give the person ____________ to complete tasks. Time
Rehabilitation can _______________ the person, you, and other team members. Frustrate
When feeling frustrated, ___________ to the nurse about your feelings. Talk
OBRA requires that __________ _____________ provide rehabilitation services. Nursing centers
To protect the person's privacy, have them re-learn old skills or practice new skills in _____________. Private
Protecting the person's privacy protects dignity and promotes ______-___________. Self-respect
To promote quality of life it is important that you encourage personal ______________. Choice
To promote quality of life it is important that you protect the person's right to be ____________ from abuse and mistreatment. Free
Do not allow anyone to make _____________ remarks to the person, this is abusive. Unkind
Report signs of abuse and mistreatment to the ___________. Nurse
To promote quality of life it is important that you learn to deal with your ____________ and frustration. Anger
To promote quality of life it is important that you encourage _____________. Activities
To promote quality of life it is important that you provide a ___________ setting. Safe
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