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Chapter 38

Mental Health Disorders

What is the response or change in the body caused by any emotional, physical, social, or economic factor? Stress
_____________ health means that the person copes with and adjusts to everyday stresses in ways accepted by society. Mental
A _______________ disorder is a disturbance in the ability to cope with or adjust to stress that impairs behavior and function. Mental
Mental illness, emotional illness, and psychiatric _______________ are other names for mental disorder. Disorder
Mental heath disorders are sometimes ______________ by genetics. Caused
What is a vague, uneasy feeling in response to stress? Anxiety
The danger or harm sensed with anxiety can be real or _______________. Imagined
Persons with mental health disorders have ________________ levels of anxiety. Higher
What do you call the event or factor that causes stress? Stressor
What is an unconscious reaction that blocks unpleasant or threatening feelings? Defense mechanism
Some use of defense mechanisms is ______________. Normal
In persons with mental health disorders, defense mechanisms are used _______________. Poorly
Signs and symptoms of anxiety include dry ___________ and sweating. Mouth
Signs and symptoms of anxiety include __________ attention span. Poor
What is the highest level of anxiety? Panic
What is an intense and sudden feeling of fear, anxiety, terror, or dread? Panic
What term means intense fear? Phobia
Agoraphobia is the fear of being in an ____________, crowded, or public place. Open
Nyctophobia is the fear of night or ___________________. Darkness
Some defense mechanisms include compensation which means to make up for, replace, or __________________ a strength for a weakness. Substitute
Some defense mechanisms include conversion in which an emotion is shown as or changed into a _______________ symptom. Physical
Some defense mechanisms include denial in which the person ______________ to face or accept unpleasant or threatening things. Refuses
Some defense mechanisms include displacement in which a person __________behaviors or emotions from one person, place or thing to a safe person, place, or thing. Moves
Some defense mechanisms include identification in which a person _________________ the ideas, behaviors, and traits of another person. Assumes
Some defense mechanisms include projection which means to _____________ another person or object for unacceptable behaviors, emotions, ideas, or wishes. Blame
Some defense mechanisms include rationalization in which a reasonable excuse is given for behaviors or actions instead of the ____________. Truth
Some defense mechanisms include reaction formation in which the person takes an action that is _________________ to the way he feels. Opposite
Some defense mechanisms include regression in which a person retreats or moves back to an _______________ time or condition. Earlier
Some defense mechanisms include when the person keeps unpleasant or painful thoughts or experiences from their conscious ____________ so they cannot be recalled or remembered. Mind
What is a recurrent, unwanted thought, idea, or image? Obsession
What is repeating an act over and over again (a ritual)? Compulsion
Hand washing, constant checking to make sure the stove is off, cleaning, counting things to a certain number, or touching things in a certain order are common _________________. Rituals
What a state of severe mental impairment? Psychosis
What is a false belief? Delusion
What is seeing, hearing, smelling, or feeling something that is not real? Hallucination
What is a disorder of the mind in which the person has delusions and is suspicious about a person or situation? Paranoia
An exaggerated belief about one's importance, wealth, power or talents is called a _______________ of grandeur. Delusion
A false belief that one is being mistreated, abused, or harassed is a delusion of ______________________. Persecution
Schizophrenia involves disorders of movement including sitting for hours without moving, _______________, or responding. Speaking
A person with schizophrenia may ______________ and retreat back to an earlier time or behavior (an adult acting child-like) Regress
Mood or ___________ relates to feelings and emotions. Affect
The person with _________ ___________ has severe extremes in mood, energy, and ability to function. Bipolar disorder
The person with bipolar disorder experiences emotional lows called ___________. Depression
The person with bipolar disorder experiences emotional highs called _______________. Mania
Signs and symptoms of a manic episode of bipolar disorder include racing _________ and talking very fast. Thoughts
Signs and symptoms of a depressive episode of bipolar disorder included ______________ attempts. Suicide
________________ is a common mood disorder in older persons. Depression
Depression in older persons is often ___________ or diagnosed incorrectly. Overlooked
The person with ________________ personality disorder has poor judgment, lacks responsibility, and is hostile. Antisocial
The person with ________________ personality disorder has intense bouts of anger, depression, and anxiety that last hours or most of the day. Borderline
Over time, heavy drinking damages the _____________ and central nervous system. Brain
Heavy drinking damages the ___________, hear, kidneys, blood vessels, and stomach. Liver
Heavy drinking can cause ___________________ and confusion. Forgetfulness
Alcoholism is a _____________ disease that last throughout life. Chronic
Life-style and _______________ are risk factors for alcoholism. Genetics
Alcohol effects vary with ___________. Age
What is the over-use of a drug for non-medical or non-therapy effects? Drug abuse
What is a chronic, relapsing brain disease in which the person has an overwhelming desire to take a drug? Drug addiction
A diagnosis of drug abuse or addiction includes the fact that a person gave up or reduced important social, ___________, or recreational activities because of substance abuse. Occupational
Drug abuse and addiction are _____________________ problems. Chronic
The highest rate of suicide is among ___________ __________ over the age of 85 years. White men
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