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Chapter 33

Cancer, Immune System, and Skin Disorders

What is a growth of abnormal cells called? Tumor
What type of tumor does not spread to other body parts? Benign
What type of tumor invades and destroys nearby tissues? Malignant
What is the spread of cancer to other body parts? Metastasis
Risk factors for cancer include growing ___________, most cancers occur in persons over 65 years of age. Older
Risk factors for cancer include use of _____________ including smoking, snuff and chewing tobacco. Tabacco
Risk factors for cancer include ___________ from the sun, sunlamps and tanning booths increase the risk of skin cancers. Sunlight
Risk factors for cancer include ionizing _____________ from x-rays and radon gasses that form in the soil. Radiation
Risk factors for cancer include certain ____________ and other substances including paint, pesticides, and used engine oil. Chemicals
Risk factors for cancer include some ____________ and bacteria. Viruses
Risk factors for cancer include certain hormones, hormone replacement therapy for menopause may increase the risk of ______________ cancer. Breast
Risk factors for cancer include family _____________ of cancer. History
Risk factors for cancer include alcohol, drinking more than ______ drinks a day increase risk of mouth, throat, liver, and breast cancers. Two
Risk factors for cancer include poor diet, lack of _____________, and being over-weight can increase your risk of colon cancer. Exercise
How are tumors removed? Surgery
Surgery is done to cure or control cancer or to relieve ________ associated with advanced cancer. Pain
________________ therapy kills cancer cells by aiming X-ray beams at the tumor. Radiation
Radiation therapy can cause __________, skin breakdown and hair loss at the treatment site. Burns
Medications are given to kill cells during __________________ treatments. Chemotherapy
Chemotherapy destroys cancer cells and _______________ cells. Normal
What is an inflammation of the mouth called? Stomatitis
Chemotherapy can cause decrease blood cell production making bleeding and _______________ a risk. Infection
Person receiving chemotherapy may experience ____________ loss. Hair
Hormone therapy prevents cancer cells from getting or using ____________ needed for their growth. Hormones
With hormone therapy organs or _____________ that produce hormones are removed. Glands
Person's with cancer have _________________ and social needs. Psychological
A person with cancer may feel unwhole, ______________, or unclean. Unattractive
Person's dying of cancer often receive ___________ care. Hospice
_____________ disease is the most common form of hyperthyroidism. Graves'
When a person has Graves' disease the _____________ gland produces excess amounts of the hormone thyroxine. Thyroid
Signs and symptoms of Graves' disease include rapid heart rate, weight loss, and bulging of the __________. Eyeballs
Acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS) is caused by a ______________. Virus
The virus that causes AIDS is called the human immunodeficiency virus or ____________. HIV
The HIV virus is spread through body ____________ such as blood, semen, vaginal secretions, and breast milk. Fluids
The HIV virus is transmitted by ________________ anal, vaginal, or oral sex with an infected person. Unprotected
The HIV virus is transmitted by ______________ and syringe sharing among IV drug users. Needle
The HIV virus is transmitted by HIV-infected __________ before or during childbirth or through breast-feeding. Mothers
Some HIV-infected person have ____________ within a few months. Symptoms
Some HIV-infected persons are symptom-free for more than __________ years but still carry the virus and spread it to others. Ten
The person with AIDS can develop other health problems because the ________________ system is damaged. Immune
Sign and symptoms of AIDS include loss of __________________. Appetite
Sign and symptoms of AIDS include _______________ lasting more than 1 week. Diarrhea
Sign and symptoms of AIDS include night ____________. Sweats
Sign and symptoms of AIDS include weight _____________. Loss
Many older people do not consider themselves to be at risk for HIV or AIDS but, people over age __________ make up 1/4 the people infected in the United States. 50
Aging and some ____________ can mask the signs and symptoms of AIDS. Diseases
Older persons are less likely to be ___________ or HIV and AIDS. Tested
Shingles is cause by the same virus that causes ___________ _________. Chicken pox
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