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Blue-tongued Skink Range New Guinea, Northern and Eastern Australia
Bearded Dragon Range Eastern, Central Australia to its Southern coast
Brazilian Rainbow Boa Range Lower Central America, East South America
Brown Rat Range Introduced everywhere except Antactica, originally native to northern China
Chilean Rose-Haired Tarantula Range Chile, Argentina
Chinchilla Range Currently found only in the Mountains of northern Chile
Domestic Rabbit Range Exist in the wild today on every continent except Antarctica
Eastern Box Turtle Range Strictly North American, found Maine to Florida, west to MI, Il, KS, OK, and TX
Eastern Screech Owl Range Eastern North America
Eurasian Eagle Owl Range All across northern half of Europe and Asia
European Ferret Range Europe, Except most of Scandanavia
Lesser Hedgehog Tenrec Range Southwestern and west costal area of Madagascar
Madagascar Hissing Cockroach Range Madagascar
Mediterranean Spur-thigh Tortoise Range Eastern Europe
North American Porcupine Range North America between Arctic Ocean and Mexico, throughout Alaska and Canada, Northern Great Lakes region
Red-tailed Boa Constrictor Range Central Mexico, Central America, and northern and central South America
Ring-necked Turtle Dove Range Domestic Bird that has escaped and introduced everywhere, originally found in east and Southern Africa
Sheltopusik Range Southern Europe to Central Asia
Sinaloan Milk Snake Range Southwest Sonora, Sinaloa, Southwest Chihuahua (Mexico)
Southern Three-banded Armadillo Range South America
Western Terrestrial Garter Snake Range North America, from Northern Mexico to Canada
Wood Turtle Range Nova Scotia south to Northern Virginia, West through Southern Quebec and into Great Lakes region
Yellow-napped Amazon Parrot Range Central America to northern South America
Australian Blue-Tongued Skink Habitat Semi desert to brush steppes, sometimes agricultural areas
Bearded Dragon Habitat Rocky semi deserts to outer forests
Brazilian Rainbow Boa Habitat Rivers, streams, lakes, and swamps
Brown Rat Habitat Nearly anywhere food and shelter can be found
Chilean Rose-haired Tarantula Habitat Semi-tropical forests
Chinchilla Habitat Barren, arid areas of mountains at elevations 9,000-16,000ft
Domestic Rabbit Habitat Burrows in open fields and woods
Eastern Box Turtle Habitat Open woodlands and adjacent meadows, thickets and gardens; often near ponds, swamps, and streams
Eastern Screech Owl Habitat Virtually all kinds of habitats below 5,000ft, generally found in wooden areas
Eurasian Eagle Owl Habitat Coniferous forests, warm deserts, mountain ranges, and river beds; prefer to live in rocky landscapes
European Ferret Habitat Forest zones and open plains
Lesser Hedgehog Tenrec Habitat Semi-desert, thorny brush country and other dry areas
Madagascar Hissing Cockroach Habitat Warm, moist forest (at ground level)
Mediterranean Spur-thighed Tortoise Habitat Semi-arid scrub and Mediterranean forest. Prefer areas with large amounts of vegetation
Red-tailed Boa Constrictor Habitat Tropical rain forest is preferred, but also found in semiarid savanna
Red-tailed Hawk Habitat Open country, grasslands, scrub lands, rain forests
Ring-necked Turtle Dove Habitat Trees in urban areas, residential areas, and parks
Sheltopusik Habitat Temperate climates in dry habitats, rocky hillsides with some cover, and dry stone walls, embankments and stone piles
Sinaloan Milk Snake Habitat Rocky and semi-arid dry lands
Southern Three-banded Armadillo Habitat Grassy or marshy areas between scattered forestland
Western Terrestrial Garter Snake Habitat Near lakes and slow flowing streams, but can also live in desserts, plains, mountains, meadows, and forests
Wood Turtle Habitat Cool stream in deciduous woodlands, red maple swamps, marshy meadows and farm country
Yellow-naped Amazon Parrot Habitat Open woodlands and adjacent meadows, thickets and gardens; often hear shallow ponds, swamps or streams
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