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Ch 15 Blood

What does the blood deliver to every cell in the body? Oxygen
What helps protect the body from infection? Blood
how much blood does the average body have? 4-6 liters
hematocrit (Hct) The % of blood cells in a sample of blood.A sample of blood normally composed of 45% blood cells and 55% plasma
blood cells and cell fragments include Red blood cells (RBC) White blood cells (WBC) and Platelets(Thrombocytes)
The process of blood cell formation Hemopoiesis
Blood formation in the red bone marrow myeloid hemopoieses
Blood formation in the the lymphatic tissue Lymphoid hemopoeisis
How does the red bone marrow produce three different types of blood cells? They are produced in the red bone marrow from the same cell, called a stem cell
what is blood composed of? plasma and blood cells
contains the antigens A and B
Requires erythropoietin for production
the reticulocyte is an immature cell of this type
Includes the neutrophil, eosinophil, and basofil
A deficiency causes petechiae and bleeding
stickiness and plug both describe the fuctional of this cell type
primarily concerned with infection
Measured as the hematicrit
classified as granulocytes and agranulocytes
a blood clot in the leg
drug that interferes with the hepatic utilizationof vitamin K in the synthesis of prothrombin
A traveling or moving blood clot
enzymes that dissoves clots
an anticoagulent that works by removing thrombin(antithrombin activity
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