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Chapter 28

Collecting and Testing Specimens

What is a substance that appears in urine from the rapid breakdown of fat for energy (also called acetone or ketone body)? Ketone
What word means sugar in the urine (also called glycosuria)? Glucosuria
What word means blood in the urine? Hematuria
What word means bloody sputum? Hemoptysis
What word means a black, tarry stool? Melena
What is mucus from the respiratory system that is expectorated through the mouth called? Sputum
Who orders specimen collection? Doctors
Specimens are collected and ______________ to prevent, detect, and treat disease. Tested
Rules for collecting specimens include following the rules of ____________ asepsis. Medical
Rules for collecting specimens include not touching the _____________ of the container or lid. Inside
Rules for collecting specimens include ________________ the container in the person's presence. Labeling
When collecting a midstream urine specimen, the ____________ area is cleaned before collecting the specimen. Perineal
When collecting a midstream urine specimen for a female you need to spread the __________ with your thumb and index finger. Labia
When collecting a midstream urine specimen for a female you need to clean the urethral area from _____________ to back. Front
When collecting a midstream urine specimen for a female you need to keep the labia ______________ until you collect 30-60 mL or urine. Separated
To begin a 24-hour urine specimen the first voiding is ________________. Discarded
The collection container for a 24-hour urine specimen may contain an __________. Acid
If the acid from a collection container gets in your eyes or on your skin you need to flush the area with large amounts of __________. Water
Feces or toilet tissue cannot ______________ a urine if a specimen is needed. Contaminate
After beginning a 24-hour urine specimen, if a voiding is ____________ or contaminated you must begin the test again. Discarded
What type of urine specimen is needed to test for pH, glucose, and blood? Random
Testing for ______ measures if urine is acidic or alkaline. pH
In _____________ patients you may test urine for glucose and ketones. Diabetic
Testing for glucose and ketones is usually done __________ times a day. Four
Testing for glucose and ketones is usually done _______ minutes before meals and at bedtime. 30
When testing urine with ______________ strips you first dip the strip test area into the urine. Reagent
What is another name for stones that develop in the kidney, ureter, or bladder? Calculus
Some calculus pass through _____________. Urine
Urine is _____________ to collect stones. Strained
When straining urine it is poured through ____________ or a strainer. Gauze
When straining urine, any crystals, stones, or particles must be put in a ________________ container. Specimen
Stool specimens must not be contaminated with _______________. Urine
When collecting a stool specimen you need to use a tongue blade to transfer about __________ tablespoons of stool to the specimen container. Two
What term means hidden or not seen? Occult
Stools are tested for occult ____________. Blood
The person coughs up ______________ from the bronchi and trachea. Sputum
Sputum specimens are easier to collect in the _______________. Morning
Before collecting a sputum specimen you need to have the person rinse their mouth with _____________. Water
____________ may destroy some of the microbes in the mouth so it is not used before collecting a sputum specimen. Mouthwash
When collecting a sputum specimen, the person needs to cough up 1-2 ______________ of sputum from the bronchi and trachea. Teaspoons
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