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Luke 2

Basic Vocabulary

οικουμενη (n) settled world, Roman world, inhabited earth
πορευω (v) to go, depart, go over
εκαστος (pn) everyone, each
οστις, ητις, οτι whoever, whichever, whatever
και and, but, also, even
συν (prep) with (dative)
πιμπλημι (v) fill, accomplish
τικτω (v) to bring forth, give birth
πρωτοτοκος (adj) first-born, first-begotten
διοτι (conj) because, for
χωρα (n) country/land/region, field
αυτος (pn, adj) ( he, she, it) ,same
φυλασσω (v) to keep, keep watch, guard, observe
φυλακη (n) guard, watch, prison
εφιστημι (v) to stand over
σημερον (adv) this day, today
σημειον (n) sign, miracle
κειμαι (v) to lay, lay down
θυσια (n) sacrifice, victim
πληθος (n) multitude, company
υψιστος (adv) highest, in the highest
διερχομαι (v) to pass, pass through, go
εως (conj) until, till, unto
γνωριζω (v) to make known, proclaim
τε....και (conj) both...and, not only...but also
θαυμαζω (v) to wonder at, marvel at
τηρεω (v) to keep, guard, watch, reserve
επιστρεφω (v) to turn to, return
περιτεμνω (v) to circumcise, cut around
προ (prep) before (gen)
συλλαμβανω (v) to take, conceive (child)
κοιλια (n) belly, womb
κατα (prep) against (gen)/ according to (acc)
αναγω (v) to bring, loose, sail, depart, launch
παριστημι to place beside/near, present
περιστερα (n) dove, pigeon
προσδεχομαι (v) to await, look for, receive
παρακλησις(n) consolation, calling, exhortation
πριν (adv) before. formerly
εισαγω (v) to bring in
δεχομαι (v) to receive, take, take up, accept
απολυω (v) to set free, release, let go
Created by: Teach5724