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Bones, cartilage, and ligaments are apart of what body system? Skeletal system
Trachea, lungs, Alveoli, and Diaphragm belong to what body system Respiratory system
What is the name of the structure that prevents food from entering the airway epiglottis
how many organ systems are in the human body? 11
what group of major parts and organs make up the immune system? lymphatic system,spleen,tonsils,thymus, and bone marrow
what can not exist in RNA Thymine
Which of the following connect 2 bones together? ligaments
Which of the following observation refutes the hypothesis that characteristics acquire during the parents lifetime are inherited by offspring Changes in neck length in giraffe population are due to genetic mutation
which of the following classes of bio-molecules can influence the rate of specific chemical reaction withing a living cell proteins
In Mendelian inheritance, the dominant allele is for the tall plant and the recessive allele is for the short plant. which of the following statements is correct in terms of genotype and phenotype? TT and Tt are both genotypes for the tall plant phenotype
which of the following substances will dessolve in water CH3OH
A defining characteristic of a scientific hypothesis is that it is testable
Which of the following glands primarily supplies hair shafts and skin with oily secretions Sebaceous
in which part of the body does T-cells mature? Thymus
Which of the following cell types is responsible for the production of soluble antibodies? B-cells
Which of the following organs is the site of blood filtration Kidney- the kidneys filter blood
Unlike skeletal muscles, cardiac muscle is highly resistant to lactate-mediated fatigue because cardiac muscle uses aerobic respiration in mitochondria for energy
Which of the following are sesamoid bone Patellae- also consider a short bone
which of the following cell types provided a waterproofing function for the outer layers of skin Keratincytes
Which of the following produces progesterone to prepare the uterus for pregnancy Corpus Luteum
The shape of villi or microvilli facilitates which of the following? increasing surface area for absorption
Which of the following glands is the primary producer of insulin Pancreas
Stores of Subcutaneous fat can be found in which of the following layers of skin? Hypodermis
A person is suddenly frightened, which of the following reactions occur next? Liver cells release glucose into the blood stream
In which of the following areas does protein breakdown begin in the human body? Stomach
The bands in muscle sarcomere are formed by actin in which of the following proteins Myosin
which of the following chemical compounds prevents the lungs from collapsing Surfactant
Type I diabetes is a disease associated with which of the following hormones? Insulin
Which of the following is the function of the lymph nodes in mammals? filter debris from intracellular spaces
Which of the following arteries directly supplies oxygenated blood to the reproductive system ? Gonadal artery
Which of the following terms describes a sample composed of particles condensed into a small space and having vibrationional, but not translational, motion Solid
Which of the following is an example of positive feedback? Oxytocin causes an increase in uterine muscle contractions, ultimately causing the posterior pituitary to release more oxytocin
Which of the following structures within a human cell is responsible for recycling the materials no longer functional or needed withing the cell Lysosome
The Nephridium worms have a function most similar to which of the following organs in humans? Kidney
On an imaginary planet called Alpha Vega, purple eyes (F) are dominant over pink eyes (f). Which of the following combinations will produce only offspring with pink eyes ? ff x ff
Which of the following connects the kidneys to the bladder? Ureters
In a well-controlled experiment , researchers show that a common topical antibiotic called chloramphenicol halts a deadly fungal growth on the skin of amphibians. Which of the following is the best inference for how the antibiotic works to limit a fungal The antibiotic kills a bacterial partner that essential in the fungal infection
In a population that is growing, which of the following must be true? Immigrants +Birth > Emigrants +Deaths
Which of the following is classified as a flat bone Rib
Which of these terms related to the respiratory system refers to the "voice box" for sound production? Larynx
Demyelinization results in which of the following? Disrupted propagation of an action potential along the axon of a nerve cell
Which of the following is the correct structure and function of the cell membrane A phospholipid bilayer with embedded proteins regulates molecules entering and leaving cytoplasm
Which of the following options represents the chromosomal composition of a normal human zygote? 46 chromosomes
An atom has 3 protons,4neutrons, and 3 electrons. Which of the following is the atom's mass number? 7 - the mass of an atom is the sum of protons and neutrons in its nucleus
The use of an electron microscope would most benefit the study of The structure of cellular organelles
Which of the following is characteristic of the human organism Heterotrophic with a genome stored in DNA
Ca + H2SO 4 Which of the following statements correctly describes the product of the reaction above?
Which of the following organ system is responsible for transportation nutrients, wastes, and other substances throughout the human body? Circulatory
Kidneys remove which of the following from the blood? Salts
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