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Fishing Unit 4

Living in the Water

What is an adaptation? a behavior or trait that increases a species’ chance of survival in a specific environment
Are fish warm or cold-blooded? What does that mean? All fish are cold blooded. Their body temperature depends on the surrounding water temperature
Compared to humans, how much oxygen do fish need? less oxygen
Why do fish need gills? To breathe in oxygen
Where do fish get its swimming power from? The muscle
How does a fish move? Begins with side to side wiggles that starts at its front and moves to its back or Fish also use their many fins to move about in the water.
What fin keeps the fish upright and stable? Dorsal fin
What fins do fish use to steer and maneuver? 1. Pelvic fin 2. Pectoral fin
What helps fish survive? their ability to maneuver and their adaptations
What keeps fish from sinking? Their Swim bladders
What are scales? They protect a fish as roof shingles protect a house
Do all fish have scales? no
What happens to scales as fish get older? The scales got bigger
Why are fish coated in slime? Two reasons. 1. Reduce friction when swimming 2. To protect them from diseases
Why are fish dark-colored across the back and light on the belly? To blend in
What senses do fish have? See, hear, smell, taste, and feel
What is the reason for fish to have lateral lines? It let's them sense water vibrations coming from each directions
How many species of fish are in Missouri? 200
What are 3 common fish in Missouri? Bluegill, catfish, and bass
What are the fishes' Adaptations? Body shape,mouth size, and coloring
Describe Bluegill. They have thin bodies, short heads, and small mouths
Bluegill’s thin, disk-shaped body is ideal for what? Short, quick turns
Why do bluegills have small mouths? because they eat small insects
What is a favorite food for bass? Small bluegills
Describe Channel Catfish. Long, round bodies, that are flattened on the bottom, skin without scales
How do catfish find food? Channel Catfish scavenge along the bottom of ponds or rivers for fish, frogs, crayfish, and other foods. Channel Catfish are adapted to feed at night.
What do Channel Catfish rely on to guide them through dark, muddy waters? Barbels (whiskers)
Where do Largemouth Bass live? Clear water that have many weeds
what are predators and which fish is one Largemouth Bass are predators meaning that they eat other animals, which are called prey.
What does their broad fins and strong, heavy bodies allow them to do? They can move in any direction even backwards as they seek food
The Missouri Department of Conservation operates two kinds of fish hatcheries. What are they? Warm water and cold water Warm- native fish to MO Cold- trout
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