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Family Under Bridge

Chapters 1-4 Voc

fastidiously being very particular about doing something
trundled rolled along
urchins small children full of mischief
loitering hanging around doing nothing
mockingly making fun of
roguish dishonest; tricky; mischievous
meandered wandered in an idle or aimless way
indignantly angry about something that seems unjust
fledglings young people who have had little or no experience
gravely in a very serious manner
coax persuade in a gentle way
blithely gayly; in a carefree way
haughty having too much pride in oneself and scorn for others
tantalizing teasing by showing
straggled wandered away from the path
reverently in a loving and respectful way
gaudy bright and showy in a cheap way
pitifully in a way for someone to feel sorry for you
sedately seriously
forlorn sad or unhappy
retorted answered in a mean way
laments crying or weeping because of sadness
Created by: stcatherine4