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Vocabulary Words

Nervous Regulation

Regulation process that modulates the frequency rate
Irritability ability that living organisms have to respond to changes in their environment
Impulse something that changes the momentum of an object
Stimulus something that causes a physiological response
Response adrenal glands release a hormone for you body to react
Receptor a protein that detects a signal molecule and performs an action in response
Neuron a cell of the nervous system that transmits impulses between the body system and stores messages in the brain
Effect A muscle, gland, or organ capable of responding to a stimulus, especially a nerve impulse
Cell body a neuron that contains the nucleus but does not incorporate the dendrites or axon
Dendrites is a branchlike extension of a neuron that receives impulses from neighboring neurons
Axon long extension of the neuron membrane that carries impulse from one neuron to another
Meninges the three membranes that line the skull and enclose the brain and spinal cord.
Cerebrum the largest part of the brain coordinating
Cerebellum part of the brain that maintains muscle movement and balance
Medulla oblongata lowest part of the brainstorm and containing control centers for the heart and lungs
Central nervous system (CNS) part of the nervous system that interprets message includes brain and spinal cord
Peripheral nervous system (PNS) division of the nervous system that transmits impulses between the central nervous system
Reflex arc nerve pathway in which an impulse crosses only two synapses before producing a response
Neurotransmitter(s) a chemical that transmits a nervous system signal across the synapse
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