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Bio12 circulationAC

SLS Bio12 circulationAC

Anterior vena cava Vein that delivers blood from the anterior part of the body into the right atrium
Antibody A protein that is released by a type of white blood cell in response to the presence of foreign antigens
Antigen A substance capable of stimulating the release of antibodies
Aorta The largest artery of the body conducts oxygenated blood out of the left ventricle
Arterial duct Fetal artery that connects the pulmonary trunk to the aorta thus allowing some blood to bypass the nonfunctional lungs
Atrioventricular valve Large valves that allow blood to pass from the atria to the ventricles of the heart
Atrioventricular node (AV) One of two pieces of nodal tissue in the heart; is under the influence of impulses from the SA node. Generates impulses that travel to the ventricles
Blood pressure The force that blood exerts on blood vessel walls
Capillary- tissue fluid exchange The exchange of fluid materials between blood in a capillary and extra-cellular fluids in tissues as the blood travels through a capillary bed
Carotid artery A branch of the aorta conducting blood to the head
Chordae tendineae Small tendons which attach the AV valves to muscular extensions from the inside walls of the ventricles
Coronary artery Blood vessels that serve the heart muscle
Coronary vein A set of veins that conduct blood from the heart tissue to the vena cavae as it enters the right atrium.
Diastolic pressure The pressure that blood exerts outwards on the walls of arteries when the heart is not contracting
Hepatic portal vein The major vein that takes nutrient-rich blood from from the small intestines to the liver
Hepatic vein The major vein that conducts blood from the liver back into the inferior vena cava
Hypertension High blood pressure
Hypotension Low blood pressure
Iliac artery The major artery of the legs
Iliac vein The major vein of the legs
Jugular vein The veins that conduct blood from the head down the neck
Left atrium Chamber that receives blood from the pulmonary vein and passes it to the left ventricle
Left ventricle A chamber in the heart that pumps the blood to the body
Lymph capillaries These capillaries absorb the fluids that become lymph
Lymph node A spot along lymph ducts, usually where two or more ducts join together
Lymphatic system The system that is made up of all the vessels and nodes that transport and clean lymph
Mesenteric artery The blood vessel that conducts blood to the intestines
Oval opening A valve allowing blood to pass from the right ventricle of a fetal heart into the left ventricle
Plasma The fluid portion of blood; mostly water (91%)
Platelets A type of blood cell formed by the fragmentation of a megakaryotype; function for blood clotting
Posterior vena cava The major vein that drains the blood from the body regions posterior to the heart
Pulmonary arteries The arteries that conduct blood to the right and left lungs
Pulmonary trunk Conducts blood out of the right ventricle
Pulmonary veins Conduct blood from the lungs to the left atrium
Purkinje fibres These are nerve tracts that extend down the septum of the heart and out into the walls of the ventricle
Red blood cell These cells contain hemoglobin which transports oxygen
Renal artery The artery that is a branch of the aorta and conducts blood into the kidney
Renal vein The vein that conducts blood out of a kidney and into the posterior vena cava
Sinoatrial node (SA) Called the pace maker of the heart
Subclavian artery These are branches of the aorta that take blood to the body walls and shoulder areas
Subclavian vein These returns the blood to the superior vena cava which conducts blood right back to the right atrium
Systolic pressure The force of the blood outwards on the arteries when the ventricles are contracting
Systemic circulation The part of the circulatory system that delivers oxygenated blood to the body cells
Umbilical artery Takes waste products from the fetus to the placenta
Umbilical vein Takes nutrients from the placenta to the fetus
Veins A blood vessel that returns blood towards the heart
Venous duct A vessel that bypasss the functions of the liver
White blood cell A type of blood cell that combats infection
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