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Southwest Asia Geo

Physical Geography Study Stack Review

How many countries makes up Southwest Asia? 15
The major landscape of Southwest Asia is made of what 2 types of landforms? Mountains and Plateaus
This mountain range runs through Southwest Asia Hindu Kush
One of the most famous trade routes, which also is followed by invading armies, is known as the ___________ Pass. Khyber
This natural disaster is common in Southwest Asia, due to shifting tectonic plates. earthquakes
The Arabian Peninsula consists of at least __________, Yemen, and Oman, along with other nations. Saudi Arabia
These seas can be found in Southwest Asia: Mediterranean Sea , Red Sea, Black Sea, Arabian Sea, Dead Sea
This Gulf is tremendously important in world affairs within the Middle East: Persian Gulf
This body of water is the world's lowest body of water, and it's shore is at the lowest land elevation: Dead Sea
The two longest and most important rivers in Southwest Asia are the _________________ and ____________________. Tigris and Euphrates
The word Mesopotamia is Greek, meaning: Land between two rivers.
This desert covers nearly half of the Arabian Peninsula The Arabian Desert
The primary climate of the Arabian Peninsula and most of Southwest Asia can be described as _______________. arid
Two of the worlds most important natural resources are abundantly found in Southwest Asia. They are _____________ and _________________. oil and natural gas
The liquid form of petroleum is known as __________________. crude oil
Crude oil is refined to make many energy sources, including ____________. gasoline
More than half of the oil in the world is held by 5 Persian Gulf countries in Southwest Asia. They are ________________. Saudi Arabia; Iran; Iraq; Kuwait; and the United Arab Emirates (UAE)
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