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Using Latin II:IV

Beginning Latin

Timeo, -ere,-ui, --- To fear, be afraid of; Be afraid
Vereor, -eri, -itus sum (dep.) To reverence, fear, dread
Gradior, gradi, gradus sum (dep.) To step, walk, go
Aggredior, aggredi, aggresses sum (dep.) To advance against, attack; Approach
Congredior, -gredi, -gressus sum (dep.) To come together, meet; Engage in battle with, contend
Egredior, -gredi, -gressus sum (dep.) To go out, come out; March out, leave, depart; Disembark, land
Progredior, -gredi, -gressus sum (dep.) To go on/forward, proceed, advance
Loquor, loqui, locates sum (dep.) To say, speak, talk
Nanciscor, nancisci, nactus sum (dep.) To happen upon, meet with, find; Get possession of
Orior, oriri, orates sum (dep.) To arise, rise; Appear, begin; Be descended, spring from
Coorior, cooriri, coortus sum (dep.) To come forth, arise
Pello, pellere, pepuli, pulsum To beat; Drive out/away; Rout, defeat
Appello, -ere, appuli, appulsum To drive/bring to; Bring to land, bring up, land
Compello, -pellere, -puli, -pulsum To drive together, collect; Drive, force
Expello, -pellere, -puli, -pulsum To drive from/out, drive, remove, banish
impello, -pellere, -puli, -pulsum To drive/urge on, incite; Impel
Propello, -pellere, -puli, -pulsum To drive forward/forth; Dislodge, drive off, repel, rout
Repello, -pellere, reppuli, repulsum To drive back/away, repulse
Scio, -ire, -ivi, -itum To know, understand
Nescio, -scire, -scivi, --- To not know, be ignorant
Nescio quis Someone or other, somebody; I know not whom
Nescio quid Something or other, something; I know not what
Nescio cur For some reason or other; I know not why
Mitto, -ere, misi, missum To send; Dismiss, release, let go; Throw, hurl
Admitto, -mittere, -misi, -missum To admit, receive; Let go; Commit; Incur
Amitto, -mittere, -misi, -missum To lose; Let slip, miss; Send away
Committo, -mittere, -misi, -missum To send/bring together; Commit; Intrust, trust to
Demitto, -mittere, -misi, -missum To send down; Bow
Emitto, -mittere, -misi, -missum To send out/away, release, drop; Open an outlet
Intermitto, -mittere, -misi, -missum To leave off, cease; Interupt, suspend; Let pass; Neglect; Intervene, separate
Permitto, -mittere, -misi, -missum To let go; Intrust; Permit, allow
Praemitto, -mittere, -misi, -missum To send forward, send ahead; Send
Remitto, -mittere, -misi, -missum To send back; Give up; Relax; Remit
Submitto, -mittere, -misi, -missum To lower; Drop; Send up/under, send as aid/reinforcement
Quantus, -a, -um How great? How much? Noun - As much as
Tantus...quantus As much/large as
Tantus, -a, -um So great/large; of such a size
Talis, -e Such, of such a kind
Priusquam Before, sooner than; Until
Postquam After, as soon as, when
Created by: Hamilcar