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Medical-Surgical Nursing

Describe the pathophysiology of acute pancreatitis. Spillage of pancreatic enzymes into surrounding pancreatic tissue cause autodigestion of the pancreas and severe pain
What are the most common causes of acute pancreatitis? Gallstones (women) and chronic alcohol intake (men)
Where is pain located with acute pancreatitis? LUQ or epigastric region
What is a pancreatic pseudocyst? An accumulation of fluid, pancreatic enzymes, tissue debris, and inflammatory exudates surrounded by a wall.
What is a pancreatic abscess? An infected pseudocyst
What is the treatment for a pancreatic abscess? Prompt surgical drainage
What are the main systemic complications of acute pancreatitis? Pulmonary and cardiovascular
Which fluid and electrolyte imbalance is associated with acute pancreatitis? Hypocalcemia
What is the focus of treatment for acute pancreatitis ? Supportive care (e.g., aggressive hydration, pain management)
What drug is used to treat symptomatic hypocalcemia? Calcium gluconate
What positions are helpful in relieving pain associated with acute pancreatitis? Those that flex the trunk; draw knees up; side-lying
Describe the pain associated with chronic pancreatitis. Heavy, gnawing, burning
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