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PSSA vocab 7-9

vocab for science class

Biomedical technology The application of health care theories to develop methods, products and tools to maintain or improve homeostasis.
commodities Economic goods or products before they are processed and/or given a brand name, such as a product of agriculture.
construction technology The ways that humans build structures on sites.
delineate To trace the outline; to draw; to sketch; to depict or picture.
desalination To remove salts and other chemicals from sea or saline water.
electronic communication System for the transmission of information using electronic technology (e.g., digital cameras, cellular telephones, Internet, television, fiber optics).
geologic hazard A naturally occurring or man-made condition or phenomenon that presents a risk or is a potential danger to life and property (e.g., landslides, floods, earthquakes, ground subsidence, coastal and beach erosion, faulting, dam leakage and failure, mining di
geologic map A representation of a region on which is recorded earth information (e.g., the distribution, nature and age relationships of rock units and the occurrences of structural features, mineral deposits and fossil localities).
Information technology The technical means that humans create to store and transmit information.
Instructional technology Any mechanical aid (including computer technology) used to assist in or enhance the process of teaching and learning.
manufacturing technology The ways that humans produce goods and products.
physical technology The ways that humans construct, manufacture and transport products.
system A group of related objects that work together to achieve a desired result. Closed Loop system: A group of related objects that have feedback and can modify themselves. Open Loop system: A group of related objects that do not have feedback and cannot mod
technology design process Recognizing the problem, proposing a solution, implementing the solution, evaluating the solution and communicating the problem, design and solution.
technology education The application of tools, materials, processes and systems to solve problems and extend human capabilities.
tool Any device used to extend human capability including computer-based tools.
transportation technology A group of related parts that function together to perform a major task in any form of transportation.
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