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to call llamar
to begin comenzar
to wonder preguntarse
to look for buscar
to seem parecer
to find encontrar
to feel sentir
to worry preocuparse
to hide esconderse
to want querer
to go ir
to have tener
to be afraid tener miedo
to scare asustar
to jump brincar, saltar
to make hacer
to turn girar
to hold out extender
to try intentar
to level nivelar
to check revisar
to get conseguir
to say decir
to promise prometer
to take tomar
to shuffle arrastrar los pies
to know saber, conocer
to do hacer
to learn aprender
to happen suceder, ocurrir
to change cambiar
to grow cecer
to secure asegurar
to prevent prevenir, empedir
to erect erigir, levantar
to refuse rehusar, negar, rechazar
to impose imponer
to threaten amenazar
to enter entrar
to mount aumentar, incrementar
to issue publicar
to announce anunciar
to support apoyar
to voice declarar
to work trabajar
to arrange arreglar
to meet reunirse
to discuss discutir