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PASS Pedi much of it review from past notes

For neonatal resuscitation what do we do? Warm-pt just left warmth of moms body Dry, stimulate-latter important for stress event...we don't spank any longer Open airway and suction prevents aspiration
To determine if NB has IUGR what procedure best determines this? Measurement of abdomen
IUGR observation if you symmetrical it is an early onset usually fetal cells affected these would be caused by? Genetic, chromos, malformation, Teratogenic, Infection
If the IUGR is seen late onset it would be likely d/t? Poor maternal nutrition or vascular disease
Jaundice is pathological and not physiological when seen at which point? First 24 hrs of life
Jaundice is considered physiological when seen at 2-3 days of life. What would be measured and what would be avg and manageable? Indirect bilirubin or unconjugated avg about 13 mg/dL and is manageable with bili light or sun. Direct bili< 2mg/dL
A level persistent at 25 mg/dL of Indirect bili is very dangerous, how would it be treated? Transfusion
What would a dangerous level of bilirubin (indirect) place pt at risk for? Kernicterus-indirect bili in brain, MR is result.
What does direct bilirubin mean? that it has been made water soluble and the Kindeys can get rid of it
Indirect bili is non water soluble or fat soluble what can we see with this? High volume of distribution, low coeff of reflection, so it can get into any organ and destroy it. it can affect brain, heart and kidney and can lead to heart failure which will kill.
Breast milk jaundice is what?
Created by: sxirsrick