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Ecosystems, Community Interactions, Biomes, Population, Threats, Resources

List 5 types of community interactions. Competition, Predation, Mutualism, Ammensalism, Commensalism, Parasitism
What is a renewable resource? A resource that can be replaced in a reasonable amount of time
What is a non-renewable resource? A resource that cannot be replaced in a reasonable time
What is population? A group of individuals of the same species living together in a place
When does primary succession occur? Occurs on surfaces where no soil exists
When does secondary succession occur? Occurs on surfaces where soil does exists
What is a density-dependent limiting factor? Affects population differently depending on size
Give an example of a density-dependent limiting factor. An example is food, habitat, disease, and water
Define population density. A measurement of population per unit area
What is global warming? A gradual increase in the overall temperature
What are some threats to biodiversity? Humans, hunting, pollution, exotic species introduction
What makes acid rain? Sewage, wastes, fertilizers, pesticides, and hot water from power plants
What are some problems that arise from deforestation? Some problems are loss in animal vegetation and habitat
What world-wide events in our history have led to rapid population growth? Reproducing, immigration, birth
What is emigration? The moving out
In what biome may an alligator be found? Estuary biome
What are some factors of the photic zone? Rich diverse organisms, region where light reaches
Which biome is under the water, has no light, and has high pressures? The aquatic biomes
Which biome have very low temperatures? The tundra biomes
What is permafrost? Thick subsurface layer of soil that remains frozen
Which biome gets the most rainfall? Tropical Rainforest
Which biome gets the least amount of rainfall? Desert
What two things determine the three climate zones found on earth? Latitude, and the angle
What is parasitism? One organism lives in or on another and harms it
What is a habitat? The place an organism lives
What is a niche? A range of physical and biological conditions in which an organism lives and how it uses the environment
What is competition? When organisms compete for the same resources
What is predation? One organism capture's and feeds on another
What is symbiosis? Two species live closely together
What is mutualism? Both species living together benefit
What is ammensalism? Where one member is harmed, the other is unaffected
What is commensalism? Where one member benefits, the other is unaffected
What type of aquatic biomes are there? Marine, Estuary, and Freshwater biomes
What is the difference between photic zone, and aphotic zone? Photic zones are places where light reaches in water, and aphotic is where it is completely dark in the water
What type of terrestrial biomes are there? Arctic Tundra, Taiga, Desert, Grasslands, Savanna, Temperate Forest, Tropical Rainforest.
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