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Latin vocab 2-2

Stack #27482

Latin WordsEnglish Words
strenuus/strenua energetic
parvus/parva small
optimus/optima very good
minimus/minima very small
magnus/magna big
improbus/improba naughty
ignavus/ignava lazy
formosus/formosa beautiful
callidus/callida clever
bonus/bona good
magnus big
porcus pig
benignus friendly
delphinus dolphin
improbus naughty
cuniculus rabbit
maxima very big
balaena whale
parva small
vespa wasp
hortus garden
squalidus messy
tunica dress
fessi tired
euge! hooray!
miles soldier
sordida dirty
villa house
eheu! oh dear!
cibus food
pra ecipue especially
rident smiles
scilicet of course
noli lacrimare don't cry
cubiculum bedroom
redi go back
omnes silent everyone is silent
noli tangere don't touch
nunc now
surge! get up!
caseus cheese
vir optime sir
Created by: littleskier4ever