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Minimus 2

Lesson 2

Latin WordsEnglish Words
noli timere don't be afraid
superant they win
vado I go
ibi there
scilicet of course
semper always
tam so
prope near
trans across
notissimae very famous
sollicitus worried
periculosum dangerous
quod because
quoque also
sed but
cenam f dinner
donum n present
filium m son
librum m book
vestimenta n clothes
tibi for you
gratius tibi ago I thank you
bibunt they drink
cape take
colligit she collects
coquit he cooks
custodi take care
habeo I have
mulcet he strokes
murmurat she purrs
pugnant they fight
rident they laugh
saltat she dances
stridet he squeaks
frigidus/a/um cold
meus/a/um my
parvus/a/um small
intente closely
iocose playfully
leniter gently
optime very well
perite skillfully
suaviter sweetly
iulius July
augustus August
Created by: littleskier4ever