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Fishing Unit 3

What's your Watershed

what is a watershed? all the land from which water drains into a specific body of water
_________ lives in a watershed and all land on Earth is part of some ___________. Everyone, watershed
what is the biggest watershed in the US? the mississippi
What is your watershed address? the watershed, sub-watershed, sub-sub-watershed, in which you live.
what does your watershed tell you? This tells which lake, stream, or wetland collects the water that falls on your home.
what can effect your watershed? everything that happens on land?
what affects the health of our aquatic resources? what we do to the land
What happens in a healthy watershed? Water is filtered and stored
As water runs downhill, it picks up what and where does it go? It picks up whatever is on the ground- dirt, pollutants, heat, and it flows into a wetland or lake
what is Point-source pollution? when water comes from a single source like a pipe
what is Non point pollution? when water comes from a combination of many sources rather than a single source.
What are some examples of non-point pollution? Runoff, fertilizers, fuel, oil and antifreeze from roads and animal waste
What is the biggest pollutant in Missouri? dirt/soil
what is the proper name for dirt? soil
what is dirt called when in water? sediment
what is The biggest pollution problem in Missouri’s waters? excess sediment
what is Sediment? any bit of rock or soil such as mud, clay, silt, sand, gravel-even boulders
What happens when there is excess sediment in the water? Blocks out light killing aquatic plants. And it covers up places the animals live in. It smothers aquatic animals by clogging it's gills and reducing amt of oxygen and water
what is Erosion? the movement of solid material such as soil, mud, and rock
Erosion is a natural process caused by what? Forces of water, wind, ice, gravity, and living things
Where can erosion be a big problem? Ares where too many tree are being cut down, construction, and overgrazing
How can we slow erosion? Building terraces and planting trees
What are the five physiographic regions in Missouri? 1 Dissected till plains 2 st.francois mountains 3 osage plains 4 ozarks 5 bootheel
Created by: magicPop