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Vocab- Neighbourhood

scenery and general topic

いなか Country Side
うみ Beach, sea
かいがん Seashore, coast
かわ river
きこえる to be audible, able to hear
きんじょ neighbourhood
こうがい suburb
さく to bloom [flowers]
さくら cherry blossom
さばく desert
しぜん nature
しま island
しょくぶつ plant
すな sand
そと outside
そら sky
たんぼ rice field
つき month, moon
とかい big city, metropolis
ところ place
はし bridge
はな flower
はやし woods
まち town
みえる to be visible, able to see
みずうみ lake
むら village
もり forest, wood
やま mountain
ユーカリ gum tree, eucalyptus
ある to be, to exist
いか less than
いじょう more than
いちばん the best, the most, number one
いろいろ(な) various
おおい many, numerous
おおきい big, large
おなじ same
こむ to be crowded
じんこう population
すいている to be uncrowded, empty
すくない few
ずっと much [more], all the way
せまい narrow, small
ぜんぶ(で) all, everything
だいたい almost all, mostly
たかさ height
たくさん a lot, many
ちがう to differ, to be wrong
ちかく nearby, closely
ちょっと a little bit, for a moment
とおい far away, distant
とおり street, road
どちら/どっち which one?, which way?
どの which?
ながさ length
ばしょ place, location
はんぶん half
ひくい low
ひとびと people
ひろい broad, wide, spacious
ふべん(な) inconvenient
ふるい old [objects]
べんり convenient, useful
ほとんど almost, mostly
もっと more
もの thing
やく about, approximately
Created by: joeidosaka
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