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Most Missed Words

5th grade science

What does most dense/more dense mean? objects will sink in water
What does least dense/less dense mean? objects will float in water
What is alternative energy? energy made from RENEWABLE resources ex) hydroelectric (water), wind energy, solar (sun), biofuel, geothermal (heat/earth)
What is reflection? the BOUNCING of light (LIGHT hits the surface then the light bounces off)
What is refraction? the BENDING of light (light goes THROUGH the substance then changes direction) Ex. lenses, water, hand lens
What are the 5 magnetic metals? SINC (steel, iron, nickel, cobalt)
What is the boiling point of water? 100 degrees Celcius
What is the freezing point of water? 0 degrees Celcius
What is thermal energy? heat energy
What is a series circuit? a circuit with only ONE loop; electricity can only go one way; if one light burns out, they ALL go out!!!
What is a parallel circuit? a circuit with TWO OR MORE loops; electricity has two or more ways to go; if one light burns out, the rest stay lit
Light travels in a ......... straight line
Force is ........ a push or a pull; the more mass an object has, the more force it will take to move it
What does a spring scale measure? the science instrument used to measure force
What are the STEPS for making FOSSIL FUELS (Coal, oil or natural gas) 1) organisms died 2) buried under layers of sediment 3) HEAT FROM THE EARTH 4) COMPACTION 5) TIME
How is COAL made? It is a fossil fuel made from ferns that grew in SWAMPS millions of years ago
How is OIL/NATURAL GAS made? It is a fossil fuel made from microscopic sea organisms that lived in ANCIENT OCEANS millions of years ago
What are the STEPS for making sedimentary rock? 1) sediment is deposited 2) sediment is compacted 3) sediment is cemented together 4) time
Renewable resources are........ resources that can come back again; can be renewed ex) water, plants and animals, wind, sunshine, heat from inside the earth
Seasons are caused by................ the earth's tilt and the earth's revolution around the sun
Evaporation is .......................... a liquid changing into a gas or water vapor; heat energy causes evaporation
Condensation is ................... water vapor or a gas changing into liquid water; caused by removing heat (cold)
Transpiration is............... water vapor released from the leaves of plants
Runoff is............... water running off the land
What is a non- renewable resources? resources that CAN NOT come back