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Bio 103L Exam 1

What are two chemical products of aerobic cellular respiration? Carbon Dioxide and water
What chemical is your body detecting to make you want to breathe? Carbon Dioxide
If there is no oxygen available, you body will use what kind of cellular respiration? Anaerobic
In cellular respiration, the chemical reactants contain more or less energy than the chemical products? more
What chemical caused the pH indicator to change colors? Carbon Dioxide
Is photosynthesis endothermic or exothermic? Endothermic
Organisms like plants that can create their own organic molecules from inorganic sources are termed what? Producers
Organisms that need premade organic molecules for survival are called what? Consumers
The chemical reactants of photosynthesis contain more or less energy than the products, which means the overall reaction is endothermic or exothermic? Less, endothermic
Which contains more energy per molecule, ATP or glucose? Glucose
What is the basic equation for photosynthesis? Sunlight(ATP)+Carbon Dioxide+Water= Glucose and Oxygen
What is the basic equation for cellular respiration? Glucose+Oxygen= ATP+Carbon Dioxide+Water
List two net products of photosynthesis Glucose and Oxygen
Plants use photosynthesis to convert (organic/inorganic) molecules into (organic/inorganic) molecules. Inorganic, organic
If you remove the foil cover off a tube Elodea and expose it to light, Carbon Dioxide levels should (increase/decrease) and oxygen levels should (increase/decrease) Decrease, increase
In photosynthesis, the chemical reactants have (more/less) energy than the chemical products. Less
A researcher believes that the level of crop yield is influenced by the abundance of pollinators in a field. Generate a null hypothesis. There is no observable difference in the level of crop yield in a field that has many pollinators versus a field that has no pollinators.
Which molecule, detected by silver nitrate, was small enough to pass through the dialysis tubing? Salt
T/F Small charged molecules can usually pass through a cell membrane unaided. False
The specificity of an enzyme to its substrate is related to An enzyme's 3D structure
Which factor can slow the diffusion rate of particles? Lower the temperature
T/F Diffusion of molecules requires ATP False
A sealed dialysis bag containing 10 mL of 5% salt is placed into a 100 mL of a 10% salt solution. Salt cannot diffuse through the membrane. Water will move (into/out of) the dialysis bag. out of
T/F Because they are so small, charged atoms can pass through a cell membrane through simple diffusion. False
List two factors that may affect enzyme activity/efficiency Temperature and salinity
Created by: BrookeBigge
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