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Endocrine ANAT

endocrine function communication and control of bodily processes through secretions into the blood - slower communication than nervous, longer lasting effect
hormone's various functions reproductions cycles - cellular metabolism - bodily growth - fluid and electrolyte balance - pH balance - MAINTAIN HOMEOSTASIS
two types of glands exocrine - endocrine
releases products into ducts that lead to surface of body and/or into other organs exocrine
hormone release into blood directly -> the blood takes the hormone to the target cell endocrine
the cell affected by hormones target cell
a chemical messenger used to produce cellular function hormone
4 classes of hormones protein - steroid - prostaglandins - tropic hormones
bind to receptors w/in the target cell membrane -> triggers second response inside the cell protein hormone
lipid based - slips through phospholipid bilayer - delivers message to nucleus, telling which gene needs to be transcribed -> leaves cell and becomes muscle steroid hormone
tissue hormone - released from gland into surrounding tissue prostaglandins
special hormone that targets other endocrine glands to release their hormones tropic hormone
the control system of the endocrine system the hypothalamus
the hypothalamus controls the endocrine system through this gland pituitary gland
tropic hormones are found in what gland pituitary
two ways to regulate hormone action negative and positive feedback
opposes a change in the body to return the body to homeostasis negative feedback
amplifies a change in the body to return the body to homeostasis positive feedback
gland that rest under the hypothalamus on the sella turcica - sella turcica is a protective bone for this gland pituitary
the 4 tropic hormones _ANTERIOR PITUITARY thyroid stim. H - adrenocorticotropic H - follicle stem. H - letenizing H _ANTERIOR PITUITARY
stims. adrenal gland to produce its hormone _ANTERIOR PITUITARY ACTH _ANTERIOR PITUITARY
stimulates ovary -> estrogen production - stims testes -> produces sperm _ANTERIOR PITUITARY FSH _ANTERIOR PITUITARY
ovary -> progesterone, ovulation stims testes -> testosterone production _ANTERIOR PITUITARY LH _ANTERIOR PITUITARY
stims the release of melanin in the skin - disease: albinism -> lack f pigment in the skin, hair, etc ANTERIOR PITUITARY melanocyte stim H _ANTERIOR PITUITARY
increased blood sugar - stims growth -_ANTERIOR PITUITARY growth hormone _ANTERIOR PITUITARY
too much sugar in the blood _ANTERIOR PITUITARY hyperglycemia _ANTERIOR PITUITARY
female only - breast development - lactation _ANTERIOR PITUITARY prolactin _ANTERIOR PITUITARY
Created by: boakes
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