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John 10

Review Vocabulary

ανοιγω to open
δια (gen.) through, by, by means of
δια (acc) because of, on account of
θυρα door, gate
αναβαινω go up, ascend
προβατον sheep
ποιμην shepherd
κατα (acc) by, throughout, during
κατα (gen) down from, against
εξαγω to lead out, bring forth
εκβαλλω cast out, bring forth
εμπροσθεν (gen) before, in the presence of
ακολουθεω to follow
φευγω to flee, escape from
απο, απ, αφ (gen) away from, out of, since, for
οσος as many as, whatever, whoever, how many, much, how great
κλεπτης thief, robber
ληστης thief, robber
εαν if (conj)
σωζω to save
ει μη but, except
θυω to kill
κλεπτω to steal
απολλυμι to perish, destroy
ζωη (n) life
περισσος (adv) more, abundantly, exceedingly
τιθημι lay, lay down, place, make
υπερ (gen) on behalf of, for
υπερ (acc) above, over
ων (pn) who, that (gen. pl. rel pronoun)
ος, η, ο rel. pronoun 'who'
ιδιος his own, oneself
θεωρεω see, perceive, be a spectator
αφιημι to leave, forgive
αιρω to raise up, elevate take up, take away, raise(voice), keep in suspense
αρπαζω to seize, carry off by force
μελω to care, be concerned
καθως (adv) as, even as
δει I must, it is necessary
αγω to bring
λαμβανω to receive, take
σχισμα division, schism
τοτε then, at that time
χειμων (n) winter
περιπατεω to walk
ουν (conj) therefore, then
εως (prep) until, til, unto
ποτε when, how long? never (adverb)
παρησσσια (n) boldness, confidence / plainly, openly
αποκρινομαι to answer
μαρτυρεω to bear witness, testify
διδωμι to give, entrust, offer
ου μυ never, in no way
αιων (n) the age
χειρος (n) hand, finger, arm
εσμεν we are
βασταζω to bear, carry
δεικνύω to show
ποιος of which, of what sort
γινομαι to come into being, happen, be born
καν and if, though, even if (subj)
ζητεω to seek,
περαν (gen) on the other side, beyond
μεν truly, indeed, certainly
Created by: Teach5724