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CNA Abberviations

Health Care Roots Suffixes Prefixes Abbreviations

abdomin abdomen
aden glad
adip fat
adren adrenal glands
angi vessel (usually blood or lymph)
arteri artery
arthr joint
blephar eyelid
bronchi bronchus
calc calcium
carcin cancer
cardi heart
cephal head
cerebr cerebrum (brain)
chol bile, gall
cholecyst gallbladder
choledoch bile duct
chondr cartilage
col colon
cost ribs
crani cranium (skull)
cutane skin
cyan blue
cyst bladder
dent teeth
dermat skin
dipl double
electr eletric
encephal brain
enter intestine (usually the small intestine)
erythr red
esophag esophagus
femor femur (thigh bone)
gastr stomach
gingiv gum
gluc sugar, glucose
glyc sugar, glucose
gynec women, female
hemangi blood vessel
hemat blood
hepat liver
hydr water
hyster uterus
irid iris
lapar abdomen
larying larynx (voice box)
leuk white
lingu tongue
lip fat
lith stone, calculus
lumb lower back
lymphangi lymph vessel
lymph lymph
mamm breast
mast breast
megal enlargement
melan black
mening meninges
men menses, menstruation
muc mucus
myel spinal cord, bone marrow
my muscle
myring tympanic membrane (eardrum)
nas nose
necr death
nephr kidney
neur nerve
noct night
odont teeth
oophor ovary
ophthalm eye
orchi testis
os mouth
oste bone
ot ear
pancreat pancreas
pelv pelvis
pharying pharynx (throat)
phleb vein
pleur pleura
pneum lung, air
proct anus, rectum
pyel renal pelvis
radi x-rays, radiation
ren kidney
retin retina
rhin nose
salping fallopian tube
scler hardening, sclera (white of the eyes)
sigmoid sigmoid colon
spermat sperm
spin spine
spondyl vertebra (backbone)
stern sternum (breastbone)
stomat mouth
tend tendon
therm heat
thorac chest
thromb blood clot
thyr thyroid gland
toxic, tox poison
trache trachea (windpipe)
tympan tympanic membrane (eardrum)
ureter ureter
urethr urethra
ur urine
uter uterus
vagin vagina
vascul blood vessel
vas vas deferens, vessel
ven vein
ventticul ventticle (of brain or heart)
vesic bladder
vertebr vertebra (backbone)
-al pertaining to
-algia pain
-ar, -ary pertaining to
-cele heria, swelling
-centesis surgical puncture
-cyte cell
-derma skin
-dipsia thrist
-ectomy excision, removal of
-edema swelling
-emesis vomiting
-emia blood
-gram record
-graphic process of recording
-ia condition
-ic pertaining to
-ism condition
-ist specialist
-itis inflammation
-lith stone, calculus
-logist specialist in the study of
-logy study of
-lysis separation, destruction, loosening
-malacia softening
-megaly enlargement
-meter measure, instrument for measuring
-oid resembling
-oma tumor
-opia vision
-osis abnormal condition
-pathy disease
-pause cessation
-penia decrease
-pepsia speech
-pexy fixation
-phagia swallow, eat
-phasia speech
-phobia fear
-plasty surgical repair
-plegia paralysis
-pnea breathing
-rrhaphy suture
-rrhea flow, discharge
-scope instrument to view
-scopy visual examination
-stenosis structure, narrowing
-stomy formning a new opening
-therapy treatment
-tome instrument to cut
-tomy incision, cut into
-tripsy crushing
-uria urine, urination
a-, an- without, not, absent
ab away from
amb-, ambi- both, on two sides
auto- self
bi- two, double
brady- slow
dys- bad, painful, difficult
epi- above, upon
hemi- half, partly
hyper- excessive
hypo- under, below
inter- between
intra- within
macro- large
micro- small
neo- new
para- near, beside, around
peri- around
poly- many, much
post- after, behind
pre- before
quadri- four
sub- under, below
supra- above
tachy- rapid
tri- three
Ab antibody
abd abdomen
ac before a meal
ADL activities of daily living
ad lib as desired
Adm (adm) admitted or admission
AFB acid-fast bacillus (usually tuberculosis)
AIDS acquired immunodeficiency syndrome
AKA above-the-knee amputation
AM (am) morning
amb ambulate, ambulatory
AMI acute myocardial infarction (heart attack)
amt amount
ap apical
approx approximately
ASAP as soon as possible
as tol as tolerated
ax axillary
bid twice a day
BKA below-the-knee amputation
BM (bm) bowel movement
BP, B/P blood pressure
B.R. bed rest
BSC bedside commode
C centigrade, Celsius
_c with
CA cancer
cath catheter, catheterize
CBC complete blood count
CBR complete bed rest
cc cubic centimeter
CCU coronary care unit
CHD coronary care unit
CHF congestive heart failure
cl liq clear liquids
CNA certified nursing assistant
c/o complains of
COPD chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
CPR cardiopulmonary resuscitation
CVA cerebral vascular accident (stroke)
dc (d/c) discontinue
disch discharge
DJD degenerative joint disease
DNR do not resuscitate
DOA dead on arrival
DOB date of birth
DON director of nursing
drsg dressing
Dx diagnosis
ECG (EKG) eletrocardiogram
EEG eletroencephalogram
ER emergency room
F Fahrenheit
FBS fasting blood sugar
FF force fluids
fl (fld) fluid
ft foot or feet
Fx fracture
gal gallon
GB gallbladder
GI gastrointestinal
GSW gunshot wound
GU genitourinary
h (hr) hour
H2O water
HBV hepatitis B virus
HIV human immunodeficiency virus
HOB head of bed
HS (hs) hour of sleep (bedtime)
ht height
ICU intensive care unit
IDDM insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus
in inch
I&O intake and output
IV intravenous
L left, liter
lab laboratory
lb pound
lg large
liq liquid
LLQ left lower quadrant
LMP last menstrual period
LPN licensed practical nurse
lt left
LVN licensed vocational nurse
LUQ left upper quadrant
meds medications
MI myocardial infarction (heart attack)
mid noc midnight
min minute
ml milliliter
NA nursing assistant
NB newborn
neg negative
NIDDM non-insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus
nil none
no number
noc, noct night
NPO (npo) nothing per mouth (nils per os)
N&V nausea and vomiting
O2 oxygen
OB obstetrics
OJ orange juice
OOB out of bed
O oral
OR operating room
OT occupational therapy
oz (Oz) ounce
PAR post anesthesia recovery
pc after a meal
Peds pediatrics
per by, through
PM (pm) afternoon or evening
po (per os) by mouth
post op postoperative
pre op preoperative
prep preparation
prn as necessary
Pt (pt) patient
PT physical therapy
q every
qd every day
qh every hour
q2h, q3h, q4h, etc. every 2 hours, every 3 hours, every 4 hours,etc.
qhs every night at bedtime
qid four times a day
qod every other day
qs sufficient quantity
qt quiet
R rectal
RBC red blood cell, red blood cell count
rehab rehabilitation
resp respiration
RLQ right lower quadrant
RN registered nurse
ROM range of motion
RR recovery room
rt (R) right
RT respiratory therapy
RUQ right upper quadrant
Rx treatment
_s without
__ss half
SOB shortness of breath
Spec (spec) specimen
SSE soapsuds
ST speech therapy
STAT, stat at once, immediately
STD sexually transmitted disease
Surg surgery
Sx symptoms
tbsp tablespoon
tid three times a day
TIA transient ischemic attack
TLC tender loving care
TPN total parenteral nutrition
TPR temperature, pulse, and reepirations
tsp teaspoon
Tx treatment
ty tympanic
UA (u/a) urinalysis
UK unknown
URI upper respiratory infection
UTI urinary tract infection
VS (vs) vital signs
WA while awake
WBC white blood cell, white blood cell count
w/c wheelchair
WNL within normal limits
wt weight
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