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Fishing Unit 2

The Ultimate Recyclable

what do Natural process do? purifies water over time
what is the water cycle? The never ending round trip of water is called the water cycle. The water cycle has no beginning or end.
What is evaporation? When the sun warms water on the earth's surface and changes it into water vapor
What happens every time water evaporates? It leaves behind whatever salts, pollutants, or other impurities that were dissolved in it and then it becomes pur again
Describe the water cycle. A never ending round trip of water and is the driving force behind weather and other natural processes
What is weather? Weather is the name we give the movement of water through the water cycle.
What is climate? Average weather conditions over longer times are what we call climate.
What is the climate of Missouri? Summer- hot & humid Winter- cold & damp
What is surface water? Water that runs off the surface of the land
What is surface runoff? If rain is hitting the ground faster than it can soak in, it becomes runoff.
what can cause water to become surface runoff? Paved roads, roof tops, and parking lots block water from soaking in, so all of it becomes runoff.
what flows into ditches and storm drains? Stormwater that runs off paved roads, rooftops,and parking lots
what happens after the water is in the storm drains? This water then drains directly into streams, lakes, and wetlands without any filtration or treatment.
What can wash into waterways during heavy rains? Access fertilizer, pesticides, mud, motor oil, antifreeze, trash, lawn clipping, and pet waste
What is the geosphere? th solid part of the earth
What is groundwater? An important source of drinking water. This is water that is not readily renewed by the water cycle (the freshwater on the earth).
What happens when we pump out too much groundwater? They become sinkholes
what kind of what do missourians depend on? Why? surface water and ground water sources for drinking and other uses. We get it from the Missouri river
Most rural Missourians get their tap water from where? groundwater wells
what can we do to water so we can drink it? filter it. But some water from wells if safe to drink right out of the ground
Water from wells or surface water intakes is piper to do where? drinking water cleaning plant
What happens at the drinking water treatment plant? Workers filter the water or let it settle to remove material. They may also add chemicals to the water to kill bacteria and other organisms.
A different set of underground pipes carry used water (sewage) to where? the wastewater treatment plant.
What happens to the used water (sewage)? Bacteria break down organic matter helping to make the the waste water safer to return to the environment
What happens after you flush? They run equipment that removes or destroys chemicals bacteria, or other harmful pollutants in the water
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