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Chapter 19


Grooming measures help prevent ______________ and increase comfort. Infection
What word means hair loss? Alopecia
What is a medication that slow down or stops blood from clotting called? Anticoagulant
What are small, flat, reddish-brown insects that live around or near areas where people sleep and that feed of the blood of people or animals? Bed bugs
What are excessive amounts of dry, white flakes from the scalp? Dandruff
What word means excessive body hair? Hirsutism
What is another term for pediculosis? Lice
What kind of organism is very small, spider-like, and burrows under the skin? Mite
Infestation of the scalp with lice (head lice) is called pediculosis _________________. Capitis
Infestation of lice on the body is called pediculosis _______________. Corporis
Infestation of the pubic hair with lice is called pediculosis _______________. Pubis
Signs and symptoms of lice include complaints of a tickling feeling or something ___________ in the hair. Moving
Signs and symptoms of lice include _____________ and rash. Itching
Signs and symptoms of lice include ___________ on the head or body caused by scratching. Sores
Brushing and ____________ hair are part of early morning, morning and afternoon care; it is also done whenever needed. Combing
Brushing increases ________ _____________ to the scalp. Blood flow
Brushing brings scalp oils along the hair ______________. Shaft
Scalp _____________ help keep hair soft and shiny. Oils
Brushing and combing helps prevent tangled and _____________ hair. Matted
When brushing and combing straight hair where do you start? Scalp
What kind of hair mats and tangles easily? Long
Never _______ matted or tangled hair. Cut
Use a __________-tooth comb to comb curly hair. Wide
When combing curly hair where do you start? Neckline
You must get the person's _____________ to undo braids. Consent
What are lice eggs attached to the hair shaft called? Nits
You should report any patches of hair _____________ to the nurse. Loss
You should report hair ___________ out in patches to the nurse. Falling
You should report very dry or very __________ hair to the nurse. Oily
You should report matted or ________________ hair to the nurse. Tangled
If hair care is done in bed after a linen change, you need to place a _____________ across the pillow to collect the falling hair. Towel
When starting to brush hair that is not tangled or matted, how many sections do you divide the hair into? Two
If a woman's hair is done in the beauty shop, you should not _____________ it. Shampoo
If you are not shampooing a woman's hair during her bath, she needs to wear a shower ___________. Cap
Shampooing method depends on the person's ______________, safety factors, and personal choice. Condition
When shampooing a persons hair, what should you ask the person to hold over their eyes? Washcloth
After you shampoo the hair what is the next thing you apply? Conditioner
When shampooing a person in bed, a shampoo _____________ is placed under the head to protect the linens and mattress from water. Tray
If the center's electric shaver is used for multiple residents it needs to be _____________ after each use. Cleaned
Safety razors have razor _____________ and can cause nicks and cuts. Blades
Older persons with ________________ skin are at an increase risk for nicks and cuts. Wrinkled
Safety razors are not used on person who have healing problems or are taking _________________ medications. Anticoagulant
Medicated shampooing products need to be given to the _____________ after use. Nurse
When shampooing a person who has scalp sores you need to wear _______________. Gloves
You should apply a wet ___________ or warm towel to the face for a few minutes to soften the skin before shaving. Washcloth
When shaving the face with a safety razor you should shave in the _______________ of hair growth. Direction
When shaving the underarms with a safety razor you should shave in the ______________ direction as the hair growth. Same
When shaving the legs with a safety razor you should shave _________________ the direction of the hair growth or up from the ankles. Against
If you accidentally nick or cut someone you should apply ___________ pressure to the site to stop the bleeding. Direct
Anticoagulant medications causes a person to bleed easily and makes bleeding hard to ______________. Stop
Mustaches and beards need __________ care. Daily
Never __________ a mustache or beard without permission. Trim
Many women ______________ their legs and underarms. Shave
Discard used razor blades and disposable shavers in the ____________ container. Sharps
Nail and foot care prevents ______________, injury and odors. Infection
Hangnails, nails torn away from the skin and ingrown nails can cause skin ____________. Breaks
Long or broken nails can ______________ skin or snag clothing. Scratch
Breaks in the skin of the feet are difficult to heal for persons with ________________ disorders. Circulatory
________________ and vascular diseases are common causes of poor circulation. Diabetes
Nails are easier to trim and clean right after ________________ or bathing. Soaking
Before giving nail and foot care you need the following information from the nurse or the care plan: what water ______________ to use. Temperature
Before giving nail and foot care you need the following information from the nurse or the care plan: how long to _________ the fingernails. Soak
Before giving nail and foot care you need the following information from the nurse or the care plan: how long to soak the ______________. Feet
Before giving nail and foot care you need the following information from the nurse or the care plan: who will _____________ the nails. Trim
You should soak ________________ for 5-10 minutes. Fingernails
You should soak ____________ for 15-20 minutes. Feet
Nursing assistants never cut or trim toenails if a person has diabetes or poor ________________. Circulation
Nursing assistants never cut or trim toenails if a person is taking medications that affect blood _________________. Clotting
Nursing assistants never cut or trim toenails if a person have very thick toenails or _______________ nails. Ingrown
The RN or ________________ trims toenails and provides foot care for person who can't have foot care done by nursing assistants. Podiatrists
When clipping fingernails you should clip _____________ across. Straight
You should shape nails with an emery board or _________ __________. Nail file
When giving nail care you should gently push ______________ back with the orange stick or washcloth. Cuticles
When giving foot care you need to make sure you dry between the _____________ thoroughly. Toes
When assisting a person to undress, you should first slide the garment from the person's ________________ side. Strong
When assisting a person to dress, you should first slide the garment on the person's _______________ side. Weak
Persons with _______________ may resist your efforts to change their clothing. Dementia
Garments with _______________ waistbands and Velcro closures are easier for persons to get on and off. Elastic
When assisting a person with dementia to dress, you should stack clothing in the _______ that they are put on. Order
When assisting a person with dementia to dress, you should give clear, __________, step-by-step directions. Simple
If the person has an IV pump and a standard gown you do not put the _____________ of the gown on the arm with the IV. Sleeve
When changing the gown of a person with an IV, you put the IV on the arm _____________ the IV first. With
When changing the gown of a person with an IV, it is important to keep the IV bag _____________ the person. Above
When removing the gown of a person with an IV, you first remove the gown from the side ____________ the IV. Without
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