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D - Science - Unit 6

Energy in Earth's Atmosphere

The movement of heat in the atmosphere causes what? temperatures to change, winds to blow, and rain to fall
Where does nearly all of the energy in Earth's atmosphere come from? the sun
How are electromagnetic waves classified? according to wavelength, or distance between waves
Most of the energy from the sun travels to Earth in what 2 forms? visible light and infrared radiation
What colors does visible light include? all of the colors you see in a rainbow: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet
Which 2 colors of visible light have the longest wavelengths? red and orange
Which 2 colors of visible light have the shortest wavelengths? blue and violet
What can ultraviolet radiation cause sunburns, skin cancer and eye damage
What percentage of the suns energy is absorbed by Earth's surface? 50%
What percentage of the suns energy is absorbed by gases and particles in the atmosphere? 20%
What percentage of incoming sunlight is reflected by clouds, dust, and gases in the air? 25%
What percentage of the suns energy is reflected by the surface back into the atmosphere? 5%
What does the ozone layer in the stratosphere absorb? most of the ultraviolet radiation
What absorbs some of the infrared radiation? water vapor, carbon dioxide, methane and other gases
Why does scattered light look bluer than ordinary sunlight? gas molecules scatter short wavelengths of visible light (blue and violet) more than long wave-lengths (red and orange)
When Earth's surface is heated, it radiates most of the energy back into the atmosphere as what? infrared radiation
What is the name of the natural process that keeps Earth's atmosphere at a temperature that is comfortable for most living things? greenhouse effect
Created by: lprinke