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Vocabulary words for a farming unit

Farming The process of working the ground, planting seeds and growing edible crops.
Cattle plural noun of cow, steer and bull
cultivate to improve the land for raising crops
fallow plowed land left unseeded during a growing season
farmer one who works on or operates a farm
fertilizer a natural or synthetic material spread on or worked into soil to increase its capacity to support plant growth
harvest the act or process of gathering a crop
insecticide a chemical substance used to kill insects
irrigation a system in place causing water to flow over land nourishing plants
meadow a tract of grassland
orchard an area of land devoted to the cultivation of fruit or nut trees
pasture grass or other vegetation eaten as food by animals
plow a farm implement consisting of a heavy blade pulled by a motor vehicle used for breaking up soil
stable a shelter for animals on a farm
tractor a large motor vehicle used for working on a farm
Created by: mlandon15