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Vocabulary 31 5th Ed

Latin Vocabulary

altus high/deep
consisto I stop
consistere to halt
constiti I halted
dux, ducis leader
frumentum grain
idem, eadem,idem same
haudquaquam not at all
identidem repeatedly
ante before
neglego I ignore
neglegere to ignore
neglexi I ignored
neglectus having been ignored
oro I beg
orare to beg
oravi I asked
progressus having advanced
rapio I grab
rapere to grab
rapui I grabbed
raptus having been grabbed
scindo I tear
scindere to tear up
scidi I tore
scissus torn up
spero I hope
sperare to hope
speravi i hoped
superbus arrogant
tempus time
tempora times
undique from all sides
veho I carry
vehere to carry
vexi I carried
vectus having been carried
vincio tie up
vincire to tie up
vinxi I tied up
vinctus having been tied up
volvo I turn
volvere to turn
volvi I turned
volutus having been turned
vultus face, expression
Created by: Latin I