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Chap. 18 Weiser

The purpose of a machine is to: make work easier
Most machines make work easier by trading force for distance means: the object will decrease as the length of the ramp increases but the effort must be exerted through a longer distance
If you fill a bottle with sand and place it in water the bottle will: sink only when the buoyant force is less than the weight of the bottle and its contents
The _____________ is the balance point of a lever. fulcrum
____________is the push or pull that causes changes in motion. Force
A bicycle is or is not a simple machine? is not
The word that best describes the force on a moving baseball is: unbalanced
A ___________ ________________is a device, made of only a few parts, that makes work easier. simple machine
When a football is thrown 20 yards __________ is done. work
A force that opposes motion is called_____________. friction
The buoyant force of a sealed, plastic bottle in water would be ________ ____or _______________than the bottle's weight. equal to or greater
The force two arm wrestlers exert on each other's hands is: balanced
When you use a bar magnet to pick up paper clips the force operating is: magnetism
Pushing down on the free end of a lever to raise a load is an example of how the _________applied (effort) is _________than the load. The lever ________the amount of force needed to lift the load. force less reduces
An ______________ ____________is a ramp or sloping surface. inclined plane
The force of attraction that Earth exerts on objects is____________. gravity
A pulley raising a block makes the job easier because although the pulley doesn't _________________effort force, it does change its ______________________. It is _____________to pull multiply direction
A wedge, a chisel, and an axe are all what types of machines? inclined plane
A _____________is a bar that makes it easier to move things. lever
If two boys apply a force of 50 N. to a box at the same time and a 3rd boy pushes on the box at 50 N, what is the net force on the box? 50 N, to the left
A wheel with a groove for a rope is called a ____________. pulley
Created by: Mrs. Logan