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Unit 5 Science

Define Evolution the process through which a populations traits change over time
Differentiate between microevolution and macroevolution Evolution or change on a small scale, Evolution or change on a large scale
Define a species organisms that are so genetically similar that they have the potential to breed and produce organisms that are living and able to reproduce eventually themselves
List the 4 criteria's that define a population same species of organisms,located in the same location,at the same time,showing signs of reproduction
What is a geographic barrier?Example a large mountain large bodies of water. Atlantic Ocean or Mt.Everest
What is a mutation? How could it lead to evolution? random changes that occur in organisms DNA.It can lead to evolution as long as the population can grow and reproduce
Define Natural Selection? survival of the fittest
Define overproduction.Give an example. is a species ability to produce more off spring than the environment can support. Bunnies reproduce on a land that can only support 50 bunnies but there are 80 bunnies
Define competition.Give an example is an interaction between organisms or species in which both the organisms or species are harmed.If 50 bunnies keep reproducing and the land their on can only hold 80 and wolves come and kill all of them except for 50.
Differentiate between natural selection and artificial selection.Give an example. Natural Selection is random Artificial Selection is man made
What is ERA? largest period of time
Different between homologous structures and analogous structures homologous indicates common ancestry and analogous does not
Define embryological homologies common stages of development that occur in embryos
Define molecular homologies DNA nucleotide sequences being exact in order and function
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