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Med Surge CH 30+31

What is Epistaxis commonly known as? Nosebleed
What is Epistaxis (nosebleed) treated with? A tampon with cocaine on soaked on to it
Nasal Polyps are formed how? Grape like
Nasal Polyps benign or malignant? Benign
True Asthma will have allergy to what? Aspirin
Nasoseptoplasty has excess _____ and _______ dressing Excess swallowing; Mustache dressing
Flu screening? Rapid Flu Screen
Meds for flu? Amantadine- antiviral- ** must be started within 48 hours of onset of symptoms
Sinusitis Inflammation of sinus mucosa
Rhinitis Common Cold
Pharyngitis Sore Throat
Laryngitis Inflammation of larynx; can't talk or raspy; can be caused by excessive coughing
VAP Ventilator Acquired Pneumonia
HAP Hospital Acquired Pneumonia
Healthcare Acquired Pneumonia Pneumonia Acquired from nursing home
What is the main cause of viral pneumonia? Flu
For patients with chest tubes, what must always be in the room? Vaseline and gauze
Sinusitis can be ___ or ____? Bacterial or allergic
Good lung? up or down? down
Bronchitis Inflammation of bronchial tree
Lower Respiratory Tract consists of? Bronchi, Alveoli, and Bronchioles
Bronchiectasis Branches of bronchail tree become big and dilated, alveoli become floppy, airway obstructed -asthma, TB, and secondary to CF causes
Pleurisy Inflammation of areas between the ribs. ( Between visceral and parietal pleurae)
With pleurisy what will the patient most likely experience? Bad chest pain on inspiration
Therapeutic Interventions for Pleurisy Ibuprofen 600mg every 6hrs for 48 hrs. -treat underlying cause -Always have eat before administering ibuprofen
With TB what is the 2 main signs that really stand out? Blood tinged sputum and night sweats
Where can TB live? In dark places and in dry sputum for months
How is TB spread? What must be used? Tb is spread by droplets and an N95 mask must be used.
Mycobacterium bacteria that lies within mucus
Pleural Effusion -Excess fluid between visceral and parietal pleurae. -Pleural Fluid not reabsorbed -May collapse lung
Therapeutic Interventions for Pleural Effusion? -Treat Underlying cause -Analgesics -Thoracentesis/ chest tube
Created by: Jaydynsmommy924